Treat: WPC

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It is once again the favorite time of the year, not because of gloomy, windy and cool weather. But because it is the season of festivals and treats. Diwali and Christmas are on the way, definitely a lot more reasons to have more treats.

Guess who is another happy person with me. It is Ash, my baker, photographer and a cook 🙂 He is baking every weekend, a lot of experiments are being carried out recently. Like for this weekend it’s going to be Cinnamon Buns.

Here is picture from last weekend, another treat of Coconuts Lamingtons. In response to






WPC: Vivid

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London Eye- One of my most favorite place in London, especially at night times when the crowd has drawn back to home, tourists finished admiring London, and Thames is once again just buzzing with the lights around. That is when I love visiting London eye, and sit there for a long time to see it’s vividness come alive 🙂

Here is a picture of the same from one of many walks across London eye.


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WPC: WALL: A Ray of Hope

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A Ray of Hope

A Ray of Hope

When I saw this tiny window on a big brick wall with sun rays passing across it, the thought that popped up into my mind was- A ray of Hope behind every wall. No matter what is behind the wall, there is always something new awaits outside of it.

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