Back to Scotland!!!

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I guess sometimes the greatest memories are made in the most unlikely of places, further proof that spontaneity is more rewarding than a meticulously planned life

It is going to be a long post as opposed to my normal way of writing small ones, So bear with me my people 🙂

It was the Christmas eve, we had a yummy, rich and heavy lunch of roasted lamb, gravy, baked parsnips & carrots, potatoes, veggie balls, prawn cocktail, champagne and Christmas pudding!!! I am already salivated with the thought of that drooly food 🙂 After this heavy meal, we cleaned up and sat to listen and groove.

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Well the post is not about what I ate for Christmas celebration, instead the story starts now.

My Husband (Ash) says all of a sudden – Let’s have breakfast in Scotland tomorrow, to be specific Edinburgh, at 11.30PM. And taking it as a joke we said Yes in uniformity and wore the jacket, put the shoe and headed out to our car. We sat, Ash started driving and what was racing in our mind- Aaah It’s the brandy in pudding speaking and after 30 mins we will be back home. But that did not happen and Ash kept on driving , it is then we realised Man we are going to Scotland, a 800 miles drive without any hotel booking, no extra clothing, no tooth brushes. Literally what we had- what we wore, a couple of us had their wallet (thank god)

I got super excited, a spontaneous & unplanned trip. I wanted to see how we will be managing all this in the season of bitterly winters and when we are on a real tight budget. The excitement gave everyone a high and we were already on this amazing trip.

Toddy & Hot Chocolate were a must for Minus Temp :)

Toddy & Hot Chocolate were a must for Minus Temp 🙂

Around 4AM, all of us started feeling sleepy (after effects of heavy meal and champagne), with no accomodation booked and everything pricey due to Christmas season, we stopped over York to stay in a YHA dorm room for £13 pp/night. Can you believe it? God Bless the guy at reception who entertained us at 4.30am in the morning and allotted us a room. We went In and slept like a log for next 4 hours. Got up early morning, with no brushes or facewash, we had to skip those rituals and replace it with a rinse. We had to have breakfast at Edinburgh as per the plan so had a coffee and went on driving to Edinburgh.

Coffee at YHA, York

Coffee at YHA, York

After driving for next 5 hours, Yey we reached Edinburgh- not for breakfast but for Brunch, Well who cares!! As long as it is a good meal in a beautiful historical city, all is well 🙂 Then we booked another hostel for the night and started to venture out pubs of Old Town Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a such a gorgeous city, with its untouched poised Victorian and Georgian architecture, those Gothic churches and beautiful town hall- it looks splendiferous. We went for a pub hopping, some visit pubs of the Ediburgh are :

The Last Drop (A haunted pub as per the stories)-

The Three Sisters-

Guilford Arms-

The World’s End-

Also visited Edinburgh Winter wonderland, It was a blissful experience.


We called it an early night, as while drinking another plan took birth and that was for me. I wanted to drive to Scottish Highlands, see the snow and get my eyes all glorified with the beauty around. Next morning 5am we left for Fort Williams, one of the most beautiful drives of my life. Once you entered Highlands, what you see is Snow capped mountains kissing the sky, frozen lakes, bridges covered by Snow. It was a beautiful sight, a sight that could bring tears of happiness in your eyes. We just had a random destination post code of Fort Williams that was picked by our Sat Nav, we were not destined for a particular arrival.


We turned the car where we felt the road ahead will be beautiful, we stopped the car where we felt I want to get down and capture this sight in my eye. It was a spontaneous trip with spontaneously created memories. While taking one of the turn on the road we saw a sign board for Nevis Range Gondola Trip, and who could stop us. We took a ride to 300ft up to 2150ft on the north face of Aonach Mor, the eighth highest mountain in Britain. Played in the snow, took pictures and had an amazing Mountain Hot Chocolate at the Cafe on the mountain.

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photo 1 (1)

Now I am back into my world after having to drive 1200 miles for a breakfast and breath-taking view, and everything was worth it.


Canyoning – Oh No!!! Water Fear :)

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While we were in interlaken, my friend decided let’s go Canyoning, without any thoughts all of us said a big Yes. Booked and Paid for our slot.

Jumping in the canyons- OMG I will never ever forget this day in my life. You want to know Why? It is because until that day I dint know I am scared of water and a decision was taken that next time I do water sports it will be after I learn to swim 🙂

What is Canyoning ?- The sport of jumping into a fast-flowing mountain stream and allowing oneself to be carried downstream at high speed. It includes various types of jumps- jumps from small rocks, jumps using a rope, sliding down to a water stream and loads of it.

It is not necessary to know swimming for this sport because you are safe in life jacket, but it’s good to have those skills as when you are thrown into the water or forced down with a stream, it makes it easy for you to handle yourself and don’t lose balance.

To Book Canyoning  – You can also check out videos in the same link.

Few pictures of that day to share the thrill with you guys:

Cliff to Rappel down to get to Canyons

Cliff to Rappel down to get to Canyons

Me- rappelling down with a jump

Me- rappelling down with a jump

Jump from Rock- Expressions Says it All

Jump from Rock- Expressions Says it All

Sliding Down into a stream

Sliding Down into a stream

Jump using a rope

Zipped Wire Slide

Instructor just left the rope for a surprise jump

Instructor just left the rope for a surprise jump

We enjoyed, We truly enjoyed- mixture of fear, thrill and Adrenaline rush in the body. All of us were non-swimmers but it was a lifetime experience for all. And now I know basic swimming, so I am definitely going back for this. This time with Ash 🙂

Note: Any sports in Interlaken is very expensive, so you really need to save your pocket-money to do all that adventures. Stay on an economical budget trip, try hostels, cook food and you will not repent spending on those activities. It will be cherished and a tale to tell in future. I still laugh looking at my pictures as I did for the first time.