Sólheimajökull Glacier – A Small Walk

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Until we visited Iceland, the only times I saw glaciers were in the movies or national geographic documentaries. It always made me wonder, how it would feel to be standing near to one. How the place around will look like covered with ice and all you see is Ice and Ice and Frozen Ice.

So me and Ash decided to visit one of the glacier in Iceland from much closer distance. We did not go for glacier hike, but we want for a small walk on top of it and to feel the aura around it. We decided to visit Sólheimajökull Glacier on the south coast, and just 2 hours drive away for Reykjavik.


Sólheimajökull, a glacier outlet from the fourth largest glacier in Iceland, Mýrdalsjökull. I can not express in words how beautiful that sight was. Cold, yes freezing cold but a sight that will remain in your memories forever. Those different formations of Ice clinging to one another, caresses that it was forming one after another, it looked like you are standing in a land of crystals. And the roughness of black volcanic sand adds so much beauty to the landscape.


Happy us trying to walk over the glacier with our hiking boots.



Golden Circle – Geysir

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While driving on Golden Circle Route of Iceland, another popular attraction or stop over is to watch out for Geysirs. The hot springs are located to the east of a little mountain called Laugafell. This place is another wonder of nature where in you see huge springs spurting out of earth, roaring into steam and then disappearing into air.

I still remember that cold afternoon, temp was just around -10 degrees but it felt like -20. But nonetheless even though we could stand outside only for 10-15 mins at stretch, it was worth every second. And I would not mind visiting this place over and over again 🙂


Strokkur (the churn) is currently the most energetic spouting spring in Iceland. It spouts every few minutes, sometimes to a height of 40 m, yet generally less than 10-20 m.


Golden Circle – Þingvellir National Park

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Morning of another colder day in Iceland, we decided to go for Golden Circle Tour. The most popular destination in the Iceland, almost everyone who visits Iceland heads off to the golden circle, whether it is just a lay over in Iceland or a long trip. There is a well established road network on the golden circle which makes it easier to drive in summer months and a bit comfortable in the winter months as well.

We were happy looking at the weather from the window of our Air B&B accommodation, it was a bright & sunny day and were very excited to head out on to the roads. But as soon as we came out of the room reality hit us hard, it was sunny but it was freezing cold. Temperature was -5 degrees and winds were chilled as ice. We knew we might have to spend a lot of day in the car today.

Our first stop on the golden circle was one of the Iceland’s most popular park i.e. Þingvellir National Park. This park does not only have geological significance but it plays an important role in the history of Iceland. It is situated on the northern shore of lake Þingvallavatn, Þingvellir is the national shrine of Iceland. It is the oldest existing parliament in the world first assembled there in 930 AD. Þingvellir has for this reason been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over two weeks a year, the assembly set laws – seen as a covenant between free men – and settled disputes. You can still see the fragments of booths where assembly was held.  It also have a Þingvellir Church and adjacent farm.


Another popular destination in the park is a major rift, which has produced dramatic fissures and cliffs demonstrating inter-continental drifting is spectacular. People flock to this point to see a continental drift between the continents. The water is so clear between the drifts that it has become a hot spot for scuba dive and you can always show off that you swam or dived between the continents. I did not swim or dive in there, I could not have in freezing temperatures, but I did threw a coin between the rift making a wish to come back to Iceland and another one that actually came true 🙂



Me and Ash are wanderers and do not know how we managed to walk all the famous parts of walk. I can still feel the cold winds slapping my face and knocking me off the ground. I think the urge to travel and see more just makes you do anything. Oh!! I miss Iceland now.




WhitBy- A Tales Town

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It was an easter break and I proposed the idea of visiting Whitby- a beautiful town in Yorkshire Moors to my friends and like always the idea was accepted unanimously. We were set for our road trip to Whitby.

With a lot of breaks at services and 5 hours drive, finally entered Yorkshire. As you enter the country side of Yorkshire, you will lose few things – phone network, 3G network, whatsapp, Facebook. But to compensate that you will gain priceless admiration of beautiful country around you. The zig-zag turns on the road showing a vast landscape all around – beautiful mountains and an ocean gazing at you from a distance. As you approach closer to your destination, smile broadens on your face and one can hear a sound of happy heart.

Whitby- a town of tales is a coastal pin-up, one side of the roads are beautiful houses & cottages and to other side it’s a vast ocean. Waves could be so high that if you walk along the coastal side you can get soaked. Good for a sunny summer day but definitely not for shivering days.

We stayed at a beautiful beachside cottage at Whitby – http://www.yorkshirecoastalcottages.com/search/property/beachside


WhitBy- Coastal View around Cottage

WhitBy is just not popular for its cobbled streets, windy beaches, harbours but it’s WhitBy tales that fascinate people from all over country. Stories about Ghosts, The Dracula, Haunted Abbey, The Robinhood Bay, Burglary,Pirates, Captain Cook. There is so much to offer in this beautiful coastal town, every street has a story to narrate.

So naturally best way to feel the essence of this place is by walk or choose one of the many cycle routes. Just noting down a snapshot of my visit below.

  • Walk up the 199 steps to the WhitBy Abbey & St. Mary’s Church- It is been believed that Dracula has originated from here. So from so many years we are watching movies on Dracula, I did not know this fact until I visited this place. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Walk the sea walls and then head up the Khyber Pass to see the Whale Bone Arch. At this point, you will get to see a beautiful view of this town.
  • Cycle to Robin Hood’s Bay and walk from the lovely village along the beach. View of Clifftops at ravenscar. If you love walking on those cobbled old alleys, you will fall in love with this place. It was a Pirates village. And you will love the whole cycle route.
  • photo 1

    Whitby Abbey

  • photo 2

    Robinhood Bay

  • photo 3

    Ravenscar Cliffs

  • Do take out time to do a Dracula Walks Tour. Sadly when we visited it was raining, I could not go for this tour. But I will recommend everyone to go for it to listen to all those stories, visit those streets where it is believed Murder took place and Dracula had stayed in.
  • One more attraction of this place is to take a ride in Steam Train. A steam train Journey to Goathland and Pickering will be amazing, you will enjoy the victorian feeling of old train cabins. Once you are at Goathland, there are beautiful walks around in the moors.


Goathland Steam Train

Goathland Steam Train

WHitby From Whale Arch

WHitby From Whale Arch


Beach Walk

A definitely must visit for a holiday or ‘me’ time. I had a lovely time and one of my favourite trips with my gang-Dhinchak. Without the people in this pic + man behind the camera, this trip would not be fun. Dumb Charades, Black Jack- was the highlight.

Madness In a Group

Madness In a Group

Please feel free to reach out to me for any information related to my trip.