Mount Snowdon – Highest in Wales

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Snowdon Mountain.

Snowdon Mountain.

Earlier this month, myself and Ash finished our long awaited hike to Snowdon Mountain. We have visited wales a number of times, but because of the famous welsh weather we could never hike this peak. But finally we got such a weekend with a bright beautiful sunny day to hike the summit.

Snowdon is the highest mountain in the Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level. It is located in the very famous Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd. It is beautiful from every corner of North Wales.

There are number of paths to start your Snowdon hike to summit from easy grade to hardest one.

1.Watkin Path 2. Llanberis Path 3. Pyg Track 4. Miner’s track 5. Snowdon Ranger 6. Crib Goch

We took a combination of two routes to see different types of world around Snowdon, and I am very much glad that we opted for that( You will see in the pictures, why am I saying so) We went up by Pyg track and came down via Miner’s track. Both of the path starts at the same point at Pen-y-pass car park. If you are planning to drive there, I will suggest you to reach early as on a good day you will not get a parking space. If you do not get a parking here, your next parking point is 3miles down towards Llanberis, so either you come back via a Sherpa bus or walk (Pheww!!!)

Pyg Track-  It is not known how the Pyg Track got its name – it could be as it passes over the Pigs’s Pass (Bwlch y Mocl), because it is close to the Pen y Gwryd Hotel, or because pyg, in welsh, also means pitch, and part of the surface of the path looks like black pitch.  Whatever the origin, this path starts 1,170 feet above sea level which gives you a helpful start on the way. This walk is rugged, and very challenging, but the scenery is absolutely stunning.

View from Pyg Track

View from Pyg Track

Miner’s Track – The track was built during the 1800’s to serve Britannia Copper Mines which were abandoned in 1917.  Mine Manager Arthur Lockwood drove his car to Llyn Glaslyn, and the track to this point at the lake still resembles a road so is a good walking surface.  The track does get considerably steeper towards the summit.

At the foothills on Miners Track

At the foothills on Miners Track

Do not worry if not in the mood of walk, during the summer months you can reach the summit via Snowdon Mountain Railway.

Whatever path you choose believe me you will never fall short of mesmerizing views around you. Here are some pictures of the day, as always feel free to get in touch if you need help in planning a similar trip.






Done & Dusted -We did need a celebration 🙂



Llanberis- Gateway to Snowdon

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As promised, this post is another village from Wales trip last month. A small tiny village named Llanberis, that lies in the foothills of Snowdon, highest mountain in the Wales. A beautiful, mystical village that have lots to offer when it comes to providing Adrenaline rush to all adventure junkies.

Along with it’s natural beauty, it is also a popular centre for outdoor activities like Mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, walking, scuba diving, pony trekking etc. It draws thousands and thousands of visitors each year to trek one of it’s famous peak- Snowdon. I planned to do it in this trip, but I was unlucky in terms of weather, it was raining and it was misty. I was not ready to take that risk and climb upto a mountain, never a favourable condition.

So in this trip, I walked around the village, did a lake walk. That was beautiful, believe me. Pictures will do the justice.

While in Llanberis, you can visit Llanberis Lake Railway ( it will take you around the lake with some mystical views of the valleys and the mountains), Snowdon Mountain Railway ( Never mind if you cant climb up the Snowdon, there is a train running in summer which takes you upto the Summit), National Slate Museum ( An insight into what is life underground, worth a visit), Dolbadarn Castle. Walk around the village and sit in a cafe, sip over the coffee and enjoy your visit.

If you love local wines/ales/alcoholic fruit punch- a must visit to Snowdon Honey Farm and Winery. I ended up buying three bottles for ourselves. The Gentleman at the counter is helpful and recommend you the best tastes.For details, check this out –  Do visit this Pete’s Eat Cafe for quick snacks, nescafe coffee was superb-





A must visit Cafe- Popular among trekkers