Windermere, Lake District

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Windermere is one of the popular summer destination not only for Brits but as well as flock of tourists. It is the largest natural lake in England. It is a ribbon lake formed in a glacial trough after the retreat of ice at the start of the current interglacial period. It is ten and a half miles long and 219 feet deep. The name Windermere comes from the Scandinavian for a ‘lake of man called Vinandr’.


There is some information which I did not know about and I have extracted from internet is – The lake contains 18 islands. By far the largest is the privately owned Belle Isle opposite Bowness and around a kilometre in length. Its older name was Lang Holme, and 800 years ago it was the centre of the manor of Windermere and later, in effect, of amoiety of the barony of Kendal.

There is so much to do in & around Windermere that you can spend a day or weeks, and you will still not have enough of it. I have personally visited it twice, but a shame that I had forgotten to write about it. A line of cruise operators over the Windermere- speedboats, cruises, boat tours. A lot water sports companies whether it is kayaking, canoeing, paddling. It is just so much around this place.






WPC: Half & Half

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My depiction of this week’s theme is the above picture taken by Ash during our holiday in the Lake District. That is me in the picture 😉

Half and Half- Tranquility meets the Soul 🙂

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WPC: Vivid

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London Eye- One of my most favorite place in London, especially at night times when the crowd has drawn back to home, tourists finished admiring London, and Thames is once again just buzzing with the lights around. That is when I love visiting London eye, and sit there for a long time to see it’s vividness come alive 🙂

Here is a picture of the same from one of many walks across London eye.


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Exford Village

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During our weekend visit to Exmoor National Park, we made our camping base at Exford village in the Exmoor. Again a tiny village which boasts a Post office, YHA, Few shops and few pubs that looks wonderful with a greenery viewe all around you. It lies on the river Exe.

We did not walked extensively during this short break, all we wanted was to sit down, relax, good food and small walks. We camped at Westermill farm, a great place to unwind yourself, a basic camping site with a shower block, washing block and tiny shop. There are some good walks just starting from campsite. We did the blue mountain walking route that starts from field 2 at the campsite, take you across woodland walks, river side walk, moorland walk.

Our instinct told us that sometimes it is not necessary to strict to the map (ofcourse by gauging the safety of surroundings) we made our own adventurous walk out of it, jumping from one gate to another, mistakenly walking on the bog peat, crossing the river, Wow it was a fun walk 🙂

Sharing few pictures of the campsite and few photos taken while we were walking.




Exford Village Exmoor Somerset

Exford Village Exmoor Somerset






Porlock Village Walk

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We had a bank holiday weekend in the UK, and after months long process of shifting, packing & unpacking (which is still in progress), me & ash decided to give ourselves a break and go for a weekend camping trip. We planned for a short two days trip to Exmoor National Park.

One of best thing about living in the UK are its picturesque villages, and this trip I visited two more new villages in the Somerset- Exford & Porlock.

Porlock is a tiny coastal village with breathtaking views over the Bristol Channel and to the south, by the rolling hills of the Exmoor National Park. The visitor centre with exhibits and displays information about the local area. Also on display are the bones of an Aurochs, discovered on Porlock beach in 1999. Some history that I discovered after my return from holiday is that this area has links with several Romantic poets. There is a mention of this village in the Doomsday book as well, and the village was called Portloc during those days.

If you are adventure seeker or just want to get away from the busy city life & job, go out to Exmoor. You can have long walks with each kind of ability, get a mountain bike or kayak, you will have all of it.

Here are few photos from the trip.









Symonds Yat Rock Trail, Wye Valley

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Wye Valley, AONB (Are of Outstanding Natural Beauty) is an internationally important protected landscape straddling the border between England and Wales. It is one of the most spectacular and beautiful  landscape areas in southern Britain. People flock here from all over country and abroad to see the Autumn color of this valley.

Unfortunately we missed last year’s autumn color and we visited the valley in a much quieter season of the winters, when most of the trees had shed their leaves to regenerate themselves for the next year, water droplets were turning to white fleet of snow, and there was a different charisma in the area and the beauty around you. Sometimes silence makes the place much more beautiful and blissful.

There is a popular Symonds Yat Rock Trail that takes you at the top of the rock to see the dramatic beauty of this valley. Symonds Yat is a small village in the forest of dean with one side facing river Wye. This walk starts from Symonds East, and the only mean to get from west to east side of the river is via a hand pull cable ferry. The Trail then follows the west side of the river downstream to Brislip Bridge, a suspension footbridge. You cross the river before walking upstream back to Symonds Yat East. At the end of the Trail there is an option to take a steep footpath up to Yat Rock. The Trail takes around 2.5 hours and is approximately 3.5 miles. Coming back via the same route, at the end you need a well deserved pint of beer, some good burgers and fries at Saracens Head Inn( )






Heading Down the Wye Valley

That's how Wye Valley looks with Autumn Colors.

That’s how Wye Valley looks with Autumn Colors(Internet Photo)


WPC: WALL: A Ray of Hope

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A Ray of Hope

A Ray of Hope

When I saw this tiny window on a big brick wall with sun rays passing across it, the thought that popped up into my mind was- A ray of Hope behind every wall. No matter what is behind the wall, there is always something new awaits outside of it.

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Forest of Dean

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Taken from Internet

Taken from Internet

We spent a weekend away in small cottage in the Forest of Dean. A fun filled weekend with a lot of walks in the forestry area, steam train rides and scenic drives.  And to add the cherry on the top, everything nights was spent away near a fireplace with wine, good food and great friends.

The Forest of Dean is in the western part of the county of Gloucestershire, England. It is a roughly triangular plateau bounded by the River Wye, Herefordshire, the River Severn and the City of Gloucester. This area is rich in its history dating back to Roman time. The area was occupied by the Romans around 50 AD. They were attracted by its natural resources which included irone ore, ochre and charcoal. For Tudor Kings, it was a royal hunting ground. With mid 20th century mines have now disappeared into the forest and the area is characterised by picturesque scenery accentuated  by remnants of the industrial age and small towns.

Forest is reach in ecology and is composed of evergreen trees. Predominant is oak, beech and sweet chestnut has grown here for many centuries. The forest is home to foxgloves and other wild flowers. Deer are predominantly found through out the forest. This is also a home for wild boar (luckily we did not come across any of them during our visit).

During our visit we opted for a very famous sculpture trail in the forest of Dean. It is a beautiful walk in the dense woodland showcasing a unique collection of contemporary sculpture within the whole trail. Something unusal and very different that you do not often see on your trails in the woodland. Unfortunately we reached late in evening, and winter days being short we could just do a little and promised to come back again 🙂

We might have not picked the best time of the year to visit this beautiful place, but there is a lot to do in this exotic place. A lot for adventure seekers right from mountain biking, kayking, zip wires, boating or just easy family walks.

Few pictures take on the trip, some of the photos are taken from internet (we could not click many) due to less day light.






BlackPark Country Park

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It was a cold Saturday morning, looking at the gloomy clouds we decided to go for a  walk at Black Park. Me and ash did not want to become a winter potato couch, so we push each other out of bed to utilize whatever day light we have got and ofcourse before Monday begins again J

Black park is a country park in the Wexham, Buckinghamshire. I have stayed closer to this area for almost 3 years now, and I visited it recently. Not a surprise, we all do that, manytimes we miss visiting a place thinking we are closer and can go anytime. But nevertheless I am glad Ash took me out there.

This park is a house for pine trees, an orienteering course, a lake and café. This park is adjacent to Pinewood Film studios, and is a very famous filming location, movies like Harry potter, James Bond Gold Finger, Batman, Sleeping Hollow, Captain America and many more have been shot here. Such ignorant me, I had no idea about this until I visited it.

It is very well maintain park with signpost for various routes, you can come here to cycle, or for a small stroll with kids and dogs. Mountain biking is popular in this area as well due to it’s dense woodlands, many other technical & narrow sections making it an exciting and adventurous cycling trip J

A bit of history I got to know after a google search- During both World War One and Two the Park saw service for the Empire with Troops from the Canadian Forestry Regiment helping to farm the Park and harvest the wood, for use in the Trenches of France or building Air strips in France for the Royal Flying Corps. To this day the lines of trees they planted can still be clearly seen. [ Taken from Google/Wikipedia]

In recent years, GO Ape group have also opened one of their tree-top adventures theme in this park. With long pine trees, it is absolutely fun for both kids and adults to try those activities. I have not done it in this Park, I did Go Ape in the lake district and belive me it’s so much fun. That adrenaline rush you get at the top of tree is amazing.

1350297971_Black Park 2