2 Days in Mykonos for a family holiday

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Mykonos, a Greek Island is very famous among young crowd who loves to party all night on the beach side clubs until they are knackered !!!  Don’t worry you do not have to be a party animal to enjoy this gorgeous island. We are in early 30s with a 2 years old, and can’t bother to dance all night anymore [Hell Yeah!! We have been through that stage of dancing our away all night too :P].

All we wanted was a relaxing holiday with time ramble around the maze of white washed Alleys in town of Mykonos, hearty meal, nap times, tranquility at the beach and a happy toddler. You can have all of it in a perfect family holiday at Mykonos.


We spent 2 days in Mykonos and if you are short on time too, hopefully this itinerary will help you planning for your trip.

How to get to Mykonos

You can either board a ferry or flight from Athens.

Arriving on an island with Ferry is an experience, and it takes 3-4 hours depending on the ferry.

We opted for flight as it was the fastest way to get to the Island, it is just a 20-25 minutes flight. It might come out cheaper at times as compared to ferry prices.

How to Get Around Mykonos

  1. Mykonos got an excellent public transport services (via bus) during the summer/peak season. We used public buses which was economical and fun for Ayaan 🙂
  2. Taxis – There are very few Taxis on the island (only 30 as heard from local) so you might have to wait for an hour attimes to get one. [I wonder why more no. of taxis permit are not being granted to drivers here]
  3. Rent a Car to move around.

Day 1

Go out and wander in that beautiful maze of whitewashed alleys ornamented with pink & blue balconies and flowers of begonia dangling on every tree you come across. Locals call the Mykonos town as Chora. I bet you! You will love to get lost in those narrow paths. During our 2 days stay in Mykonos we always took different streets to reach our accommodation, irony it is a very small town 🙂


Stroll to old port area to have a nice lunch at one those beautiful seaside resturants.



Later half of the day, catch a bus to one of the many beaches in Mykonos. We headed to a very popular Paradise beach which is heaven for party lovers, but also suitable for family. You can hear the music from various clubs on the beach, lie down on those sun loungers & relax in the warm Mediterranean waters.


Day 2

Fascinated with the photos of empty streets of Mykonos with only yourself in the frame. Well you need not wait for winters, we got to click those photos in the month of August. All you have to do is get up early and get yourself lost in those alleys yet again!! And trust me you will actually feel the essence & beauty of Mykonos. While party goers are still hungover, shops still closed, you can have whole of Mykonos for yourselves 🙂



Since it was an early start, why not have your lunch and head back to accommodation for a little nap. We did that as we had a toddler with us, and it relieved us from soaring 38 degrees in the middle of the day.


Head back out again in evening, and start walking towards Little Venice. We visited the very famous Panagia Paraportiani Chruch. This whitewashed church one of the most photographed and have an unusual shape and architecture Visit Kato Mili Windmills from there .


If you are an Instagrammar like me, you might want to visit the most instagrammed street of Mykonos near Kastro’s Cafe. It is a restaurant popular for its serene narrow alley heading to the sea! [ If you can’t find the spot, do not be disappointed because there are many other beautiful spots for you to fall in love 🙂


Where to Eat

There is no shortage of restaurants in Mykonos. But as a budget travelers we are always looking for economical Eat Ins or Outs. So if you are one of us you might want to try this:

  1. Captain Café
  2. Jimmy’s Café ( the most popular one)

When in Greece do not forget to eat Gyros & Greek Salad 🙂





7 Days road trip to Scottish Highlands

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We travel to Scotland once a year and it has now become a family ritual . The ritual is established because we fell head over heels in love with Scotland back in 2009. And I doubt there is anyone who has visited Scotland once and never went back.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of queries for sample itinerary/suggestions/recommendations for Scotland travel. So I took this as an opportunity to write a couple of blog post to help people planning their epic road trip to Scotland.

We are a big fan of road trips, and feel self drive makes your journey memorable and gives you more time to explore different places. If you are one of those who stay in Scotland or closer to Scotland border, well I envy you 🙂 For those who stay a bit far like us, let’s get started 🙂

Trip to Scotland include Scottish highlands by default. So if you are driving from far, I will recommend you to break your journey at Edinburgh for couple of days.

  1. Edinburgh

Things to do in Edinburgh:

  1. Edinburgh Castle – Worth a visit and will take half of your day.
  2. Walk on the Royal Mile Road – We have done it several times, and still enjoy this walk exploring different pubs, street shows, restaurants.
  3. Camera Obscura – It is a world of illusions, mirror maze etc and if you are travelling with kids they will enjoy it too.
  4. A stroll in Holyrood park and a gorgeous hike to Arthur Seat giving you panoramic view of Edinburgh.
  5. A small hike via steps to Calton Hill and a gorgeous view of old & new Edinburgh from the top. There is an unfinished monument at the top, a beautiful photo spot.
  6. Dynamic Earth – another interesting attraction to know more about earth and sciences.

2. Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

Afterwards you can start your journey towards Scottish highlands. Drive to Loch Lomond & The Troassachs National Park and stop over in various villages of the national park. Take a cruise from one of these villages: Luss Village , Balloch or Tarbet.

Even a simple stroll is beautiful & quaint in these villages. To read more, check out our blog post on Luss(Herb) Village Walk, Argyll

3. Inverary, Argyll

This little beautiful coastal town is home to Live Inveraray Jail, Inveraray Castle, Loch and beautiful cottages. You can easily spend a day or two here.

To read more, check out our blog post – Beautiful Inveraray, Argyll

4. Glencoe

Driving in the valleys of Glencoe is awe-inspiring. It is majestically beautiful yet quietly boasting different mountain ranges in it’s vicinity. We can spend weeks here and still not get bored of it. But if you have only a week, stay over a night , go for a hill walk and in night lie down outside for star gazing. Believe me it will not get any more beautiful.

5. Fort Williams

Town of fort Williams is no far from Glencoe and it is home to the highest mountain of the UK – Ben Nevis. If you are fit and up for a hike, do the hike to Ben Nevis. It is challenging but views all the way is a reward to the eyes & soul. More about the hike on this post Hike to Ben Nevis- Britain’s Highest Mountain

Do not worry, those who want to take it a bit easy. You can still get to the top of Nevis Range by visiting Nevis Range Gondola Centre 


If you have interests in gems, fossils & crystals, a visit to Treasures of Earth will be worth it. May be bookmark it for a rainy Scottish day . More of it on the post Treasures of the Earth

Shout out for Whisky lovers, a must visit to Ben Nevis Distillery, you can take a guided tour and at the end of the tour treat yourself with real Scottish whisky while sitting in Scotland 🙂

6. Lochshiel, Glenfinnan

Not far from Fort Williams is a little hamlet of Glenfinnan.

Shout out for Harry Potter fans, the very famous The Hogwarts Express rides over the Glenfinnan Viaduct Bridge, which is closely visible by a long walk from here or you can see it from far distant from station museum.

Loch Shiel is the location of the fictional Black Lake near Hogwarts in the film versions of the Harry Potter series. To read more, check out our blog post Lochshiel, Glenfinnan

So this was our list for 7 days in Scotland. You can customize the number of days you would like to spend in each place. Hopefully it gives you an overall idea on what can you do for 7 days in the beautiful highlands.


30th Today :)

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So another milestone today. Lets see what thirties brings for me. Twenties was fun,adeventure, lots of happiness and amazing people in life. I will let it continue 🙂 

An Open Letter to All Ignorants

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Today I did not want to write about one of my travel tale, but I choose to write about agony and pain of thousands & thousands of girls back in my country, a shadow of fear that she carry with herself each time she steps out of her house.

Please share, re-share, tweet, re-tweet and spread the word.

Last few days have been very disturbing for me. I watched a documentary produced by a UK filmmaker Leslee Udwin’s- India’s Daughter. Point to note here is before people start jumping on the conclusion of why should this documentary be banned, I did not get disturbed seeing the contents of the film, but the truth it showed behind the mindset of many men who do this heinous crime. It gave an insight to the part of the society that still thinks women are an object of satisfying the libido and they can be forced into it, they could be brutally raped for it.

We all are aware what happened with Nirbhaya on the day of 16th December 2012. It was an inhuman crime carried out by a group of 6 men including a juvenile, who could not see a girl out in the night with a guy friend, they beat both of them and when she fights back for herself – they raped her on a moving bus. A barbaric Act.

I am an Indian woman and love my country as any other Indian. I have a liberal family, girls/guys friends, I go to clubs, I wear saree as well as skirts, I pray to God. I have a lot of guys friends, who are my greatest buddy and I feel safe with them. The whole society is not same, if we will start counting I have a full belief that good souls will outnumber the evil ones.

But another bitter truth is that there are still men out there who carry out these atrocious acts of eve teasing and disgraceful remarks are faced by many women in her everyday life. I will not lie, I have faced it too. My walk/ or bus ride from school/tuition was a struggle many a times. Me and my friends coming back from our tuitions class, wearing a salwar kurta have been rapidly touched by the guys who were just crossing by on a cycle. They thought it’s their right to just pass by and smacked on our bosoms. I remember very clearly when one day me and my friend were returning home in an over crowded bus(hardly any place to breathe), this conductor approaches us and makes obscene comments and gestures. He says all this in such a low voice and with a smile on his face, that we got scared and got down from the bus. Now when I think about it, I always feel we should have raised our voice but we were young and too scared.

The documentary showed the interview of Nirbhaya’s parents, one of the six rapists, defence lawyers, NGOs authorities, Women Activists and a lot many.

I can not even start to describe the pain of the parents that they have gone through while all this happened to their daughter, they just hope that government and this documentary will educate people on what happens to a girl, her parents and this society when such ferocious crimes take place in their surroundings. They had support of whole India, who were standing by them. This incident brought the youth, the old together. We could see a revolt in the eyes of the people, especially girls, requesting all fellow men- PLEASE RESPECT US. LET US LIVE THE FREE LIFE TOO.

Rapist, the so called educated lawyers were not remorseful, they had no shame in eyes and they considered it was the act of demand and it was done to teach a lesson to all the girls- who go out in night after 8PM, who wear short clothes, who watches movie, who hangs out with guys friends, basically to all the girls who wants to live their life. I was shocked to hear defence lawyer comments- Agar meri beti raat mein bahar jaayegi, family ka naam badnaam karegi, mein usse puri family ke saamne zinda jalaonga (If my daughter brings me shame by going out in night with a guy, I will burn her alive to death) These were the words of an educated lawyer, so can we really blame the uneducated ones only?

This is a letter to all the ignorant people, who are requesting a ban to the documentary because it is an insult to Nirbhaya. But I am sorry to say, that documentary isn’t an insult but it’s the people like you who are an insult to India.

@Arnab Goswami: One of nation’s favourite journalist calls the documentary voyeuristic and not journalism. Really Arnab? Have you really forgotten all your lessons at the school of journalism? It was the time to come out and raise your clamorous voice in the support of the documentary and the issues in the society. You have really taken aback a thousands of your supporter who will think twice now before supporting you.

@Meenakshi Lekhi: You are a woman, please give a thought on this. This will not in anyway effect tourism. But it will spread a sense of responsibility and people will be much aware of the surroundings. You should worry about the safety of the women in this country, bring some rules & regulations to stop these crimes.

@Many other Ignorant Politicians and Civilians: who are supporting the ban and writing comments/posts/articles on the issue. I have read many posts from the people making baseless argument, and one of the biggest one is- BBC made Nirbhaya’s name public , even when her parents did not want to. Come on you people, this is the ignorance I am talking about, we just go about rampant and raging our anger without knowing the details. Her dad said on the documentary- I have no shame in disclosing my daughter’s name, she was our pride till the end. So you all out there, be responsible and support the truth.

@Our Government (not a letter only to the Prime Minister) – Do not let this rage and integrity of the millions of girls/boys/men/women who stood up for this cause, a let down. Please do something about it, do not just let this issue become just a matter of debate in the Lok Sabha. Introduce safety measures, educate police, educate people, and let the world know India has united once again not against the British news channel, but against the mindset that is bringing a shame to country. The number of responsible, good people is still more than the ferocious one, so I am sure we can bring the change.

One Lovely Blog Award

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Awards makes everyone happy, whether you are receiving an award at school, college or work place. But when you are being awarded and appreciated for the work you are passionate about, the feeling of joy doubles up. I am not a writer, but a passionate traveller, it feels great to know that people are reading and loving your travel tales. I am very much delighted to accept the honour awarded by my two blogger friends – Karen at http://livewanderlove.wordpress.com/ & Jackson at https://goodtobelost.wordpress.com.

I share a similar passion of travel as it is with Karen and Jackson, we all have been bitten by the same bug of travel and that is the reason even though we have never met in person, a string of travel has bonded us together. I love reading their tales, looking at the pictures and be a part of their journey. Thank you for this love ❤ guys 🙂

The conditions for the award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who gives it and link back to the blog.
  2. Tell the person who nominated you, 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers and let them know about the award

7 things about me:

  1. I am a traveller and I would like to see the world as much as I can in this life.
  2. I would like to go on a wild life safari tour to Africa with my hubby.
  3. I want to go to Iceland and gaze the sky wholenight looking at the stars and northern lights.
  4. Sky dive and Scuba dive are next in my list.
  5. I want to go Leh on a hiking expedition.
  6. I love dogs, I just love them.
  7. I want to become a good swimmer, I am still learning to swim hence not able to enjoy many water sports.

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the award. I understand many times one will not have time to sit down and write a post on the award. So please consider this as an appreciation from my side.

  1. PackingMySuitcase
  2. Indahs: Travel story and Photography
  3. Le Drake Noir
  4. SpicyRoad
  5. CeenPhotography
  6. De Wets WIld
  7. Wind Against Current
  8. AnotherDayInParadise
  9. People Places and Bling
  10. The Crazy Bag Lady
  11. A Traveller’s Odysseys
  12. MilFord Street
  13. An Adventure in Bosnia
  14. Chitra’s Healthy Kitchen
  15. Shooting Venice and More


Versatile Blogger Award

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I am a bit behind on this as I was away on holiday when I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Myriam at http://offtowanderland.com/. To add to my delight after a wonderful holiday,I am feeling delighted to accept this award. Thank you so much Myriam <3. Myriam writes about her travel tales with a candor that keeps me reading… I love the fact that she sends postcards to fellow readers. Do check out her blog!

Here is what I need to do to accept this award: 1) Thank the person that nominated me (check!), 2) Display the award badge (check!), 3) Give 7 interesting facts about myself, and 4) nominate 15 other bloggers.


1. Travelling and exploring new places runs in my blood now. I love to visit a new place almost every 1-2 month. I want to travel the World!

2. In last few years I discovered my passion for mountains, hiking and walking.

3. I used to be a pure vegetarian but not any more. Last thing I tried was a crocodile. It tasted like sea food and poultry!!!

4. I am actually active, but I have an OCD, that I must constantly clean my home.

5. I love to read, writing blog is an inspiration that came from there.

6. I repent that I did not learn swimming while I was young. Even though I know basic survival swimming now, I am scared to get into water alone.

7. I am Claustrophobic.

Now to nominate some of my favorite blogs… Please check them out (and to those I nominate, please don’t feel obligated to participate, I just want to share the love!)

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Ahhhhhh !!! Two days was like roller coaster for Sally with a long distance and lots of stations.

1st stop- Reading: Cold, Windy and Rainy !!! Sally got the cab, reached first day of her Induction with the company where she is gonna work. The room was full of the people from different parts of the world, she
could see diversity over there. People from India, UK, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Netherlands, Paris were sitting together and having a conversation with each other. Different topics- Natives, Work & Technology, soon the topics started going over her head. What she could hear was LEAN, Agile, Optimization, Mission Quality, Balance Core Card, Gap Analysis…. Awwww…..What was all this !!!! Sally’s mind got diverted to  juicy grapes and strawberries.
(The list of stations in between- Oxford, Banbury, Leamington Spa (name sounds interesting))

2nd Stop- Birmingham New Street– Awwww…Sally felt the cold, she could not feel her feet ..She checked the temp and it was 3 degree at evening 5 PM. Her legs were shivering, she was rubbing her hands for the heat. She saw at a distance coffee machine, put a pound into the machine… And what the heck !!! machine just gulped the coin. Sitting upset in the waiting room, she was amusingly looking the tain status and waiting for it to arrive to escape from chills.
(The stations in between- Burton trent, Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Wakefield Westgate)

3rd Stop- Leeds..At this time Sally’s enegy to appreciate anything had washed away because of the two heavy bags and 1 purse she was carrying. Her twinkling eyes had all got dried, she was sitting like an innocent child and was thinking about her hotel and when she will get to sleep.
 ( The stations in between – barnley W Yorks, New Pudsey)

4th & Final Stop- Bradford: Finally Sally reched her destination, where she is going to have a new start of the career with new hopes and excitement. It was raining heavily , city was desserted at night 12.00  and what she could see was couple of taxis waiting for the passengers, signals light going Red to Green with no cars around, a huge city clock bell ringing at 12 , a theater at the city centre… And finally her hotel- Hilton. Some daytime pictures of the place:

Sally was all geared up for the 2nd day in the city, ready to explore the beauty and attractions of the city.
Will get to know from Sally soon, her experiences and explorations.