Treat: WPC

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It is once again the favorite time of the year, not because of gloomy, windy and cool weather. But because it is the season of festivals and treats. Diwali and Christmas are on the way, definitely a lot more reasons to have more treats.

Guess who is another happy person with me. It is Ash, my baker, photographer and a cook 🙂 He is baking every weekend, a lot of experiments are being carried out recently. Like for this weekend it’s going to be Cinnamon Buns.

Here is picture from last weekend, another treat of Coconuts Lamingtons. In response to






WPC: Connected

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I could not think of anything better than this picture to represent my picture of connection. Me and Ash are completing 13 years of knowing each other, yes the classic college love 🙂

4 years ago we decided to get connected via ring for lifetime 🙂 No it’s not my marriage anniversary today 🙂

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Meeting the Unknown Faces :)

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I find myself fortunate enough that I am getting the chance to travel the world, may not be a new country every other month but travelling all over the little island I have been living in from last 5 years.

The more fortunate thing is I have so many of you around me that love to read my posts, take out time to comment on those and sharing feelings. Last 1 year have been so beautiful and I met you, the wonderful blogger friends through this platform.

This thought gave birth to an idea of meeting all of you. How about fixing a day in our calendar to meet in person and greet each other?

I understand many of us are away from the UK, or may be in different corners of the UK. But if we can decide a place and a date for those who can make it. Wont it be wonderful?

Let me know what do you guys think. And I shall initiate the conversation ahead.

Those of you are interested, please leave me a reply on the post.

Love to All.

Affordable Dream Destinations in South America

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One of my reader Cristine has asked me to publish a post on my blog on her behalf. She loves my blog and want to spread her knowledge on South America to my fellow readers. Hope you find it useful.


-South America is a sub-continent of America. It is bordered on the north and east by Atlantic

Ocean, Pacific Ocean to the south and the Caribbean ocean on the northeast.

-North America has twelve sovereign states which include Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and

Argentina among others. It also has two non-sovereign area which are Falkland Islands, which is

a British territory, and French Guiana, which is an overseas department of France.

-The continent covers a space of about 17,840,000 km squared and has a population of

approximately 385, 742,000 million people as per 2011 census making it the fifth most

populated continent.

-Some of the most affordable tourist attractions in South America include,


-Angel falls is a waterfall in Venezuela. This is waterfall is has a height of about 979 meters and

a width of 807 meters making it the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall.

-Historians believe that the waterfall was first discovered by Spanish explorers during the 16th

and 17th centuries. The waterfall remained undocumented until the 19th century.

-The fall was named in the mid-20th century by Jimmie Angel, the first explorer to fly over

Angels falls. His ashes were scattered over the fall in mid-1960.

-The fall is the greatest tourist attractions and also a major landmark in South America.


-The Amazon River discharges an average of 209,000 cubic of water per second making it the

largest river globally in term of water discharge. It is also considered the second longest river

after River Nile and that contains largest drainage basin in the globe.

-During the dry season, the river’s width can be between 1.6 kilometre on narrow strip and 10

kilometres on wide strips but during wet seasons, the river swells covering a width of 48

kilometres or even more.

-The river is also a home to thousands of animal and bird spices.


-Rio De Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and the sixth largest city in the United States.

The city was founded in 1565 and is probably the most exciting places to visit in South America.

-One of the major landmarks in Rio De Janeiro is the great statue of Christ the redeemer on top

of mount Corcovado. The statue is considered to be a new wonder.

-The city held the 2014 world cup event and will hold the 2016 summer Paralympics as well as

the 2016 summer Olympics.

-The city has numerous shopping malls and cafeterias and the mode of transport is marvellous.


-Cusco is a south eastern city in Peru near Urubamba valley of the Mount Andes range. This city

was the historic capital of Inca Empire which ruled from 13th century to 1532 and was declared

a world heritage centre by UNESCO in 1983.

-This ancient city is a major tourist attraction with more than two million visitors touring this

region annually.

-The city holds some history about the evolution of the South America continent.


-Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and also the second largest city in Argentina after

Sao Paulo. The city was established in 1516 when it was a major trade route.

-The city has very fine gift shops and ancient buildings. The population is estimated to be about

2 million people as per the 2001 national census.

-Foreign visitors are required to apply for esta in order to visit these tourists’ attractions.

Shopping Mood | Aviva Dresses

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This is one of the most awaited post for my friend Zoe, who had asked me to write a post for their online shopping website Aviva Dresses. [] This post is for Zoe and all the fellow bloggers who are looking to add some new collection of dresses to their closet 🙂

Summer Summer Summer- When you hear this word what comes to your mind Beaches, Sunlight, Parks, PIMMS. Bliss. What summer brings with itself is a lot of parties- BBQ parties, cocktail parties, evening parties. You meet a lot of new people, You want to look good in those amazing dresses that makes you feel like princess, you plan dinner out with your husband, boy friend or may be a girl night out. For such days, your never ending search starts for a perfect dress that fits to the occasion.

Aviva Dresses has come for your rescue on such days. Aviva team has worked hard to create beautiful collection of dresses for each special occasion whether it is red or black cocktail party, ball gown party, formal party. They have special offers going on at the moment with discount upto 85% on various boutique collection.

Sharing some of the pictures of my favourite dresses on her website. I am sure everyone has their own taste, I will definitely recommend you to visit her website and give it a try. You will get to browse beautiful colours, dresses of various sizes and length, and shipping is just in 48hrs. Damn I am already tempted now, Zoe would make me buy one dress today 🙂

cuk018828-sheath-column-v-neck-ruffles-short-knee-length-satin-bridesmaid-dresses-cocktail-dresses-homecoming-dresses-13812-1 fg036 FN081 lf251-hot-sale-sheathcolumn-chiffon-sweetheart-floor-length-ruching-evening_dresses-1 us0243360 usalf290