Kinder Scout Hike

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Hiking is an idea to get fit and reach that summit, and no doubt  that I look forward to attain those benefits too.

But what pulls me into hiking is the excitement of going out of my way, beyond what I was prepared for and getting lost onto the trails and then finding my way back through those extra miles that add the adrenaline rush in my body.

It is the feeling that says to me I have lost but I still know where I am.

A hike to Kinder Scout ( Water over the edge) was one of the similar day. It is known as black mountain too and it resides in the beautiful valley of Peak District. I have been to Peak District earlier too, but the very famous British rains did not give me a chance to explore this valley very much and I was confined to the interiors of my tent for most of time.

It is a strenuous hike of 14.2Kms and will check your ability at many points during the hike. But once you reach the summit, you will forget all about carrying those heavy backpacks, jumping from boulder to boulder, walk on the peat bogs, there will be just a rhythm playing in your ears, a rhythm that will appreciate the beautiful nature creation around you.

On the way to Kinder

On the way to Kinder

For the people who love hiking, it is a must do. Not just for the heights but to experience the challenge that comes with it.

Now time to share how I planned it, mistakes I did and things that you should not forget to bring along.

Drove to the beautiful village of Burch Vale and stayed in a very nice, economical B&B- The Old Post Office( The owners are lovely people and extremely helpful. They will be ready to help you to provide necessary information about the place or direct you to appropriate resource.

The hike starts from a car park near Edale Village, you should walk up to the National trust Information centre and from that point onwards your hike will start giving you the option to choose two routes:

1. Grindsbrook Booth leading to leading to Edale Moor and then up to Kinder Scout and come back via Jacobs ladder leading to Pennie’s way.

2. Upper Booth leading to Jacobs ladder to Kinder Low and then up to Kinder Scout/kinder Downfall and come back via Edale Moor.

Whichever route you choose, there will be a certain amount of scrambling up and down, some quite steeps ascent and descent, ladder walk but with a view to cherish forever in your eyes.

It is an exposed plateau and it could be windy, misty and very cold. Very very easy to get lost in case the clouds turns up and spoils the walk.

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A checklist for a Day Hike

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What to Pack!!!???

What to Pack!!!???

As you start to explore places around you, the excitement and love for walking keeps on increasing. Over the years from a walk in the park, it changes to a passion for walking into villages, coastline walks, mountaineering and hiking.

Out of personal experience I thought of coming up with a checklist for day hike essentials to help myself in future and my fellow reader and hiking lovers.

So how to prepare yourself for a Hike:
1. A good walking Boots – Without a doubt it is a must. Make sure it fits you properly and is light weight. Remember on a long hike pushing yourself to hike with a heavy boots will bring in tears. Never a trainer,flip flop or heels. (Believe me I have seen people coming for hikes in those, No idea if they ever completed it)
2. Walking trouser– A cotton walking trouser that will allow easy movement up and down the hills. Those fancy jeans will not help you and your legs will plead you for some oxygen.
3.Waterproofs– A pair of trouser and jacket.
4.Warm Clothing– Fleece,Caps,Gloves. If you hiking a mountain or a costal hike, weather cant be trusted.
5.Water Bottle– A must even if it is a short distance hike.Keep some water purifier tablets in case you have to drink water from a stream. You will not fancy anything more than water while on a hike. You can also keep instant energy mix that can be added to water bottle.
6.Food– A packet of sandwich and a mixed nuts packet. Nuts will give you instant energy when you are tired.
7.Map,compass,torch and whistle
8. First aid kit.
9. Sun glasses, sunscreen and a Cap.
10. Walking pole– only if you think it is necessary.

Carry a phone and contacts of emergency services, just in case you find yourself seeking for help.

Ofcourse I know you are taking camera along with you 🙂

Pack everything in a waterproof and breathable backpack and Get Set GO.

Hike to Ben Nevis- Britain’s Highest Mountain

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It was two months ago when me and hubby were watching this series on Mountains by Griff Rhys Jones. It was about mountains in england, Wales, Scotland the highest peaks, challenge associated and the surrounding mystical landscape. Till that moment I had no idea about the Ben Nevis or being it a highest mountain. But without a blink it was a mutual decision that Yes!! We are going to hike Ben Nevis Summit this summer!

At Ben Nevis Summit

At Ben Nevis Summit

Sometimes you don’t have to go through your bucket list to check what is next. You just add spontaneously something in to your list and that’s how on 28th June 14, we were on the summit of Ben Nevis.

It is a beautiful hike of 17Kms with some magnificent views around, that pushes you to walk further up. But once you complete the Summit, that rigorous walk of 8 hours gets replaced by sweet pain of accomplishment. You have a mixed feeling of happiness, proud and not to forget soreness :):)

Few pictures from our Hike.

Breath Taking View

Breath Taking View

I was not even Half way through till this point.

Not yet Half way through till this point.

As we climbed Up, View Was Getting More Awesome

As we climbed Up, View Was Getting More Awesome

Temp dropped down to -5 Degrees

Temp dropped down to -5 Degrees

It is true that one can rarely get a clear view from the Summit and it happened with us as well. As we were reaching towards Summit, there was snow and the whole thing was covered by thick clouds.

So once you reach at top of Britain, you will not be able to view anything down 🙂

Near to Summit, Everything is covered with Clouds

Near to Summit, Everything is covered with Clouds

Few details if anyone is planning to hike Ben Nevis:

1.Accommodation: Fort William is the perfect base. If you love camping as much as us, I will suggest you to stay at Glen Nevis Holidays Park. The location is awesome and it is cheap, you will be put up right at the foothill of Ben Nevis, over looking Ben Nevis Peak. Hike to Ben Nevis starts from visitor centre that is just 0.5 miles away from this site.

2. On hike: Waterproofs ( never forget them, it can rain or snow, never trust mountains weather), map, compass, water bottle, small snack box, fleece, thermal socks, walking poles, whistle, torch, mini first aid kit and most importantly a good walking boots.

3. Insect Repellent : Summer is great in highlands, but beware it’s Midges time. This tiny insect will suck the blood out of you, make sure you apply this creams or use a net.

4. A good level of fitness is required as it is not an easy mountain. You will be steeply climbing up till Summit and while returning, it’s a steep descend all the way till down. So tone up those muscles around knees, calves,feet.

5.Take a map along with and make sure, you are on a correct path that takes you up via Five Finger Gully and not via North Face. To climb Ben Nevis via North Face is a serious mountaineering experience.

6. Once completed the Summit, there is a nice Ben Nevis Pub right near to visitor centre. A pint will be a good way to celebrate.

Please free to get in touch with me if you need any specific information regarding hike or Fort Williams.

A hike to Pulpit Rock

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Me- At Pulpit Rock Edge

Me- At Pulpit Rock Edge

By bringing myself over the edge and back, I discovered a passion to live my days fully, a conviction that will sustain me like sweet water on the barren plain of our short lives.

My love affair with mountains & hikes started after my first hike to Pulpit Rock.  A big thanks to Ash who feels the same and we continued hiking through many forests,hills and lakes.

After a night well spent in the little red cabin, it was the day to hike Famous Pulpit Rock in Stavanger. Pulpit Rock – also know as Preikestolen, is a steep massive cliff 600mts (1982 feet) above Lysefjorden.

Once you reach Preikestolen Fjellstue, the trail starts from this parking site. It is a wonderful hike of 2.4miles with some great mountains and landscapes views on the way. A good fitness, proper walking boots, rain gear ( mountains weather can be mischievous), a small lunch pack and water bottle will keep you going 3-4 hours up & down the mountain.

I always find the initial bit of hike to mountain a bit tough because the path starts with a steep ascent but thereafter it always gets easy. I am not sure if it happens with all, but for me its true. Nevertheless once you climb initial 100-200 meters, the muscles just gets the kick and you are ready.

We all were excited to do this hike. It is a must do for people who love mountains. It is not a challenging but a hard gradient hike, also one should be careful as it us an exposed plateau so on windy days you need to be careful at edges. Never take mountains lightly, you have to careful from the time you start your climb until you are back safely at base.

Here are some of the pictures of our hike.


On the way to Pulpit



Hiking up my way


Breathtaking views of Fjords and rivers


Happy moment- yes I did it

Thanks to our friend Nammi who introduced us to Pulpit. And a big hug and thanks to dear hubby ( Ash) who captured the moments.

Lost in the woodlands of Surrey

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It was one of those days in Britain, when weather prediction proved itself wrong once again and to our luck it turned out to be an amazing sunny day for a long walk. We decided to walk up to Leith Hill and Abinger Forest in district of Mole Valley. When I entered Surrey, I was mesmerized with this beautiful place, to be frank I did not know Surrey is so beautiful. There is a lot to discover in this county, for this time we limited ourselves to this walk.

There are numerous trails to discover Leith Hill and woodlands around. There are a lot of Car Parks available at start of each of the walking trail, so there are no parking worries. Everything is well-marked and visible. From our Landslip car park, we walked up to 2 miles to reach Leith Hill, it was an easy walk, only a small steep climb rest of the walk was fairly simple. On the summit of Leith Hill is an 18th-century Gothic tower, with panoramic views northwards to London and the English Channel to the south. One fact- When you are at the top of this tower, you are actually at a height higher than Shard ( .There is a small fee to go up on the tower 1.50 GBP for an adult.

If a day is good like it was for us,  you are in a proper walking boots and in the mood for a good long walk, you will have a choice to pick up one of the various routes from I choose woodland trail,a peaceful walk crossing Leith Hill Place, woodland. The route in the map( bring you back to LeithHill but since day was lovely and we wanted to explore more, we decided to deviate from route and decided to complete circular route back to Leith Hill crossing Friday Street.

Woodlands In Surrey

Woodlands In Surrey

Now that is where our adventure began. We started this walk without a mapped route, without any signals on phone and without a compass too.  We had walked up till now 6Kms and were clueless about KMs that were yet to come along.  Everything was beautiful around this valley- Friday Street hamlet , hammer ponds, woodlands. It was one of those days when you put your HAT on and venture out to meet nature.

Transfixed with the beauty we were soon off the track and in the middle of Abinger Forest. We had walked 11Kms by now and had no direction with us. I started to get a little bit worried as it was already 6.30PM and it would have got dark soon as we were in a dense woodland. To be frank I freaked out for a while and asked Ashwin(Oh Yes! my partner in all this venture) to take me out of this place before it gets dark. After every few yards you will see different path- a crossing that takes you in 4 directions and we had no idea which direction to go ahead with.  There was not a single person around for miles, we kept on walking uphill- downhill, choosing a direction on gut and it did not take us long to realise that we actually have no idea if route we choose is taking us more into this forest or if we are coming out of it.

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