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Antwerp – A perfect combination of historic and modern city. As much as it is famous for its impressive historic architecture of museums, cathedrals, churches. But also famous for its reputation of Centre of fashion as the many designers and stylists who originated from this city.

It is a very large industrial port and currently one of the largest in the Europe. It is also famous. During the Golden Age Antwerp resembled present-day New York: it was one of the world’s fascinated city.

Must See in Antwerp

  1. Central Station – Most probably you will arrive at Antwerp via train, and if you do, make sure to have a stroll around this beautiful and magnificent transition train station.
Central Station

Central Station

  1. Antwerp Zoo- This is located just outside central station. It is the oldest zoo in Belgium. Kids will love it.
  2. Cathedral of Our Lady – An entry fee of 5Euros, but worth it. You will get to see amazing architecture inside the church along with works of the famous painter Pieter PaulRubens.
  3. Cathedral Of Our Lady

    Cathedral Of Our Lady

    photo 3

  4. MAS Museum – brand new museum of which Antwerp is extremely proud. It is marvel of the modern architecture and offers a great view over the city.
  5. The Meir- While here you will not be able to stop yourself entering the amazing shops around, designers, stylist etc. A fashion street 🙂

photo 5

We were there just for a day and had an amazing sunny weather. Ended the day near to port drinking Belgium beers 🙂