Santorini – A perfect Familymoon


As soon as I hear the word Santorini, my mind wanders to those 100s of Bollywood movies which pictured this island in a fascinating & charismatic way. Since then it’s on my bucket list 🙂

So this year we finally had our familymoon at Santorini. It is one of those places which is  hyped for its exquisiteness and truly justifies the appreciation.

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Cave houses craved into the edges of clifftop & blue dome churches, Love at first sight is definitely on your cards ❤


Planning a trip? Hopefully this itinerary will help you plan your island break.

How to get to Santorini

You can either board a ferry or flight.

Ferry from Athens generally take 5 hours (fast ferry) or 8-9 hours (slow ferry). And a flight from Athens will take around 30minutes.

We took a fast ferry (2.5 hrs) from Mykonos to Santorini Port. For retrun, we took a flight from Santorini to Athens (30 mins).

PS: If you are travelling with a kid, Santorini airport is not of those kid-friendly ones. It is a very small airport, so don’t be too early as there is limited seating space and a lot of chaos inside the terminal.

To get around Santorini

  1. Public transport – Buses to different town starts from Airport and Seaport both.
  2. TaxiThere are very few Taxis on the island (only 35 as heard from local) so you might have to wait for an hour attimes to get one.
  3. Rent A Car
  4. Check with your hotel if they provide a pick up & drop off service

Day 1 

Walk around the Village of Oia

We stayed in village of Oia, one of the most popular village in Santorini [ Yes this is the one you see in the google images, tourism pamphlets, Instagram etc] Trust me it lives up to its reputation.

 Be prepare for a lot of walking around the village, some steep climbing on the stairs, some stunning shots which will leave you speechless in Awe 🙂

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We did not have any pre-defined route,  we just set off from our cave house and left it for Oia to decide the course for us.  We took so many breaks those heart throbbing pictures of this island and celebrated our bubba’s 2nd birthday on this beautiful island.

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Visit a Winery

 Santo Wines is very popular and it is extremely busy during summers. I will advise you to book an experience with wine tasting using their website in advance.

Watch the Sunset

Oia is famous for one of the most beautiful and romantic sunset in the world. One can not finish their trip to Santorini without witnessing this striking view. You can go to the west edge of the village to watch it with other 1000s of people with you. Or you can book a place for you in one of the rooftop/terrace restaurant to enjoy the sunset with your wine.

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We watched it with other 1000 people, and you would expect it be chaotic. But as the time comes closer there is a unique calmness to the place. Everyone get  At the same time when sun finally sets, 1000s of people cheer and clap together and the place becomes cheerful. I don’t think I can ever describe that happiness in words, you have to be there to see it, feel it & believe it.

Day 2

 Sailing Boat Tour

We took a whole day sailing tour of Volcanic Island, Palea Hot Springs & Village of Theresia. Highly recommended, if you want to explore and see some other beauties Greek island offers to you.

Your first stop will be at Nea Kameni and take the path to the crater of the active volcano. Enjoy free time to explore the island.


Next stop will be Hot Spring of Palea Kameni. Now this was very exciting, to reach hot springs you have to jump off from your boat and swim to Hot Springs!! Isn’t it fun J


Tour will then continue to Island of Therrisia, where you have the option of to visit village of Manolas, accessed by winding stairs, or by a donkey ride up to the village. We did not have energy to climb up the stairs ( not forgetting we had to carry our baby on our backs) so we decided to spend the time at the shore of the cliffs, having a lunch with sea view and relaxing at the sea shore.


Watch the sunset again & Do Midnight shopping

Before leaving we wanted to watch this wonderful sunset yet again. And continued the night wandering the market of Oia, which is open until mid-night 🙂

Oh yes do not forget to buy yourself a souvenir to take a little piece of Santorini with you.

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