South Coast Iceland -Black Sand Beach,Reynishverfi


Reynishverfi beach, near the village Vik in Myrdalur on South Coast of Iceland, is very popular and the most impressive black-sand beach in Iceland. It is also a popular destination for day tours that are organized by different tour companies in the Reykjavik.

We arrived at Reynisfjara on a winter but warm afternoon 🙂 To our luck it was sunny today and as a cherry on top, there was no wind. It was cold, very cold but these added benefits just made the day. Before heading to the beach, we took a short lunch break at Strondin Bistro and Bar, where they served Icelandic Meat soup, in addition to many other options. Food was warm and tasty to keep us happy. Infact through the windows of the bar, you can enjoy the Vik side view of the beach on a rainy day or a windy day.


But if would like to see those huge 68m high rocks into a different perspective then you should take a right-turn about 10 km before Vík. A road sign will take you in the direction of Reynishöfn where you can take a look at the Reynishverfi beach. It is a black pebble beach and has an amazing cliff of basalt columns resembling a a rocky step pyramid, which is called Gardar.

You will several caves under these basalt columns, according to Icelandic stories, a monster was supposed to have lived in one of the many caves at the bottom of the cliff for many centuries. But since a landslide more than 100 years ago, the monster seems to have disappeared.


Looking towards the sea you can see spectaculary shaped basalt sea stacks Reynisdrangar.  This beach is a nesting area of puffins, they migrate back to Iceland in summers for breeding season.

According to another Icelandic tale, two trolls attempted to drag a ship to land but were turned to stone as daylight broke, turning them into into the Reynisdrangar stacks. But Geological experts have a different view from those who think they are the stature of trolls 🙂

It is a beautiful landscape that is formed by motlen lava and you can see the effect everywhere around you.








19 thoughts on “South Coast Iceland -Black Sand Beach,Reynishverfi

  1. Lovely images…I loved visiting here and ended up climbing higher on the basalt columns than I intended. On the road in, there was a small hill with a cave inhabited by wild goats. I wanted a photo but every time I got close the ram got agitated and I’d rather not get the horns. Cheers!

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    1. wow!! you did climb at the top. I did not, it was so cold and slippery at that time. I climbed few steps and that’s it 🙂 I think I know which cave you are talking about, is it the one which use to be a meeting place for people back in old times. What an inspiring place with wonderful stories. Oh I miss Iceland now, I wish to visit back again. xx

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  2. Stunning photos! The views are so out of this world! I’m currently planning a trip there and hopefully I get to go in 2017. What camera did you use to capture all these shots? They are absolutely gorgeous!

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    1. Hi Helena!! Wow you are planning for Iceland, I envy even though I just came back from there. I would love to go again and again xx It is truly a mystical place, you are going to fall in love with it. We used Nikon D610.


    1. Thank you so much Gin. You are right, we were absolutely blessed with a gorgeous weather. It was cold, very cold but no rains or snowfall, except for the day we were leaving there was a heavy snowfall. xx


  3. Wow what a view….it looks absolutely breath taking…the caves the sturdy rock structures makes u go back to the stone era…would surely love to go visit ..lovely pics aanchal

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  4. These are great shots, Aanchal! The sky looks incredible above the cliffs. And who doesn’t love those basalt columns? I’ll ignore the geologists for today because I prefer the story of the trolls.

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 (I am sorry the comment came as someone, so I could not call you by name ). The place was even more beautiful when you were there. Ash did an absolutely amazing lens work to capture this. And if you loved these stories, I bet you will love Iceland. It is full of stories, myths and some weird tales 🙂


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