Meeting the Unknown Faces :)


I find myself fortunate enough that I am getting the chance to travel the world, may not be a new country every other month but travelling all over the little island I have been living in from last 5 years.

The more fortunate thing is I have so many of you around me that love to read my posts, take out time to comment on those and sharing feelings. Last 1 year have been so beautiful and I met you, the wonderful blogger friends through this platform.

This thought gave birth to an idea of meeting all of you. How about fixing a day in our calendar to meet in person and greet each other?

I understand many of us are away from the UK, or may be in different corners of the UK. But if we can decide a place and a date for those who can make it. Wont it be wonderful?

Let me know what do you guys think. And I shall initiate the conversation ahead.

Those of you are interested, please leave me a reply on the post.

Love to All.

10 thoughts on “Meeting the Unknown Faces :)

  1. Sounds a great idea Aanchal 🙂 I am in Perth Australia though so probably couldn’t make it though I do come over to the Uk once a year all being well but then I’m visiting family and rushing around! However you never know!

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    1. Hey Rose, that’s wonderful As you said you never know, may be on one of your visit we might happen to see each other in same town 🙂 Do let me know whenever you visit next and have few hours to spare 🙂

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