Hope Walk, Peak District


Peak District in Derbyshire is the second most visited national park in the world. It’s a paradise for walked, bikers, adventure seekers. This weekend we went back to Peak District to spend sometime in the Hope Valley and do some pleasant walks. This was a last minute plan, browsed 100 of pages for an accommodation and luckily got few beds available in a bunkhouse for the weekend.

We stayed in the village of Hope at Pindale Farm & Outdoor centre. A not so cozy but clean bunkhouse at £15 pp for a night was a great deal. It has everything for a weekend stay – a small kitchen, dining table, chairs, baths & toilet.




We then headed for a circular walk from Hope to Castleton Village.To the north stands Win Hill and Lose Hill and the heather moors of the Dark Peak, to the south the limestone dales of the White Peak. A part of Hope Village valley was once a part of Royal hunting reserve.  There is a cement factory which has been the source of employment in the village since the 80s. The railway arrived in 1892 and opened up employment prospects for local people with easy access to both Manchester and Sheffield.

Hope (meaning “a valley’) is one of the very few Derbyshire villages to be mentioned prior to the Domesday Survey of 1086, the earliest surviving record dates from a charter of 926 AD which tells that King Athelstan won a battle nearby, and purchased land at Ashford and Hope from a Dane. Hope is also unusual for having kept its name with the spelling unchanged for over a thousand years. Now a days hoarded with Tourist, this village is a home to fantastic pubs, tea rooms and a plenty of walks all around it.

With clearly marked routes and a bit of detour via public footpath, you can do a circular walk from Hope to Castleton. In my next post I will be writing about Castleton.

But here are some pictures of Hope Village and our walks till Castleton.









8 thoughts on “Hope Walk, Peak District

  1. We were in Hope and Castleton back in April, Aanchal, so thanks for the chance to re-visit. My Fox family ancestors lived in the Hope area, certainly from the early middle ages, but with a name like Fox, whose origin is most probably Fuchs, the German for fox, they may well have arrived with Athelstan, so thanks, too, for that piece of info.

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    1. Thank you so much Tish for readig it through. Wow good to know that you actually have ancestors from this area. Makes me wonder how it must be at that point of time. I was fascinated by the history the place too, ice age existence and so many other stories.

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    1. So true!!! I understand your dillema 🙂 People in the UK starts planning for a holiday a year in advance, if you will check now many of the places already booked for summer 2016. Always wonder how does people plan so ahead :):)

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    2. oh yes it was a good bargain for a bank holiday weekend. 30 pound for two night, what more we could ask for. Recently I found a wonderful bargain at north wales chalet. Oh it was a tiny beautiful chalet in a most wonderful natural sourrounding xoxo

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