Windermere, Lake District


Windermere is one of the popular summer destination not only for Brits but as well as flock of tourists. It is the largest natural lake in England. It is a ribbon lake formed in a glacial trough after the retreat of ice at the start of the current interglacial period. It is ten and a half miles long and 219 feet deep. The name Windermere comes from the Scandinavian for a ‘lake of man called Vinandr’.


There is some information which I did not know about and I have extracted from internet is – The lake contains 18 islands. By far the largest is the privately owned Belle Isle opposite Bowness and around a kilometre in length. Its older name was Lang Holme, and 800 years ago it was the centre of the manor of Windermere and later, in effect, of amoiety of the barony of Kendal.

There is so much to do in & around Windermere that you can spend a day or weeks, and you will still not have enough of it. I have personally visited it twice, but a shame that I had forgotten to write about it. A line of cruise operators over the Windermere- speedboats, cruises, boat tours. A lot water sports companies whether it is kayaking, canoeing, paddling. It is just so much around this place.





7 thoughts on “Windermere, Lake District

  1. Windermere in April looked really different. This little town is very vibrant and is the beginning of many hikes. We loved it ! We wanted to go back this week, but the weather was awful and we couldn’t find any affordable accommodation 😦

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    1. Hi Gin, I understand accommodation can get quite pricey in the UK esp during summer times. I am sure you must have noticed but some places starts to get booked an year in advance. So people actually do a lot of pre-pre-planning 🙂

      Try in autumn times, walking could be a bit pain because of cold winds. But if a good day, can give it a try for smaller walks.



  2. Now this place is simply lovely, and I can see why so many people want to be there. Your photos make it seem as though only a few people are out. I wonder if you shoot angles with no people on purpose, because I do!

    I like these long, narrow lakes formed by glaciers. There are several just north of the Canada border, north of Idaho, where I grew up. Rather than build highway around the lake, the road would stop at one end of the lake. We drove our cars onto a ferry and rode to the other end of the lake, where the highway would start again. And it was free because it was part of the highway system!

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    1. Good to see you back Crystal. Oh yes it is a paradise for summer lovers, but saying that this place have people around the year. Winter adventure seekers seek to this place for a quiet winter adventure. I would myself like to do it once.

      You guessed it right about the angle, ash does not like his photos crowded, a different eye for the landscape that makes it very quaint.Wow your description about Idaho makes me want to visit it even more. I love such places, not crowded with vehicles. I would love to just sit by the lake, spend hours reading a book. I have been to few places with the ferry rides, with some gorgeous seascapes all around.

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