Luss(Herb) Village Walk, Argyll


During our stay at Glasgow, we planned to visit Luss village for the view of Loch Lomond in loch lomond and the Trossachs national park []. But when I arrived at the Luss Village, which was at that time overshadowed with the Mount Ben & clouds, made me fall me in love with it. It was once again love at first sight. Oh God! What a beautiful tiny quaint village. In Gaelic Luss meant ‘Herb’ and it is now a ‘conservation village’.

We arrived at the village information centre, which has got a pay & display car park, a village shop & post office at the centre. Information centre has leaflets for various walks around the village, short or long walk, choice is all yours 🙂

Since I loved the village so much for its first look itself, I decided to learn a bit more about the village, spoke to the locals out there and hail the Internet 🙂





Earlier ages village was known as Clachan Dubh which meant the Dark Village, because of high mountains all around it which gave it lesser amount of sunlight, especially in winter times. It is also associated with different meaning for its name, so people believe Luss to be a herb plant other thinks it meant Lily.  A related story on the same [sourced from google] – One related to that of the Baroness MacAuslin, who died in France, whilst her husband was fighting at the siege of Tournay. Her body was brought back to Luss covered with flowers, especially the fleur-de luce. Some of the flowers grew to the surface of the grave ” and became miraculously efficacious in staying a pestilence then raging through the countryside”.

When you walk in the village, there is an amazing tranquillity all around you that makes you peaceful and delighted. Cottages in the villages caught my eye, very low and mostly built of loose stones with a layer of turf, decorated with row of flowers and it just looks gorgeous. You can walk upto the Luss Pier, a number of cruises and boat trip starts from here for the loch lomond.

PS: For the people who have watched ‘Take The High Road’ a Scottish drama, Luss village was a prime location for it.











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