Tenby- Little Town of Fishes

I am in love with this little Island called United Kingdom, and Wales is undoubtedly one of many beautiful part of British Island. Wales is still very much unexplored, and unspoilt and I guess that is what keep its beauty entact.

I visited Tenby on a recent holiday in Pembrokshire, a tiny, cozy beautiful coastal town. Tenby means Little town of fishes (no wonder- the whole town is surrounded by coastline). It is is a walled seaside town in Wales, on the western side of Carmarthen Bay, surrounded by Medieval stone.

When we reached Tenby, the famous British weather was at its Peak, I am referring to Rains over here 🙂 But thankfully we had a couple of good hours without the rain allowing us to explore the beauty of Tenby.

Tenby’s hilltop position led to its early settlement as a Welsh stronghold, which was replaced in medieval times by a Norman Castle and walled town. Part of the town walls survive to this day and are an attractive feature at the entrance to the old town.

The moment you start walking in the town centre you can feel the medieval era around you, broken walls, places converted to pubs or shops, the aura is different around you.

We visited a local pub in town centre called The Three Mariners, nice collection of beer and food. We played a game of pool, surprisingly I played well :):)

We wanted to visit the ruins of the wall, but unfortunately weather did not permit us and it started raining heavily and we had an infant with us. So enrouted back to car.

There are several beautiful islands near to tenby, like Caldey Island and St.Catherines Island. There are several boat tours that starts from Tenby harbour to Caldey Island, which is a home to Monastery. May be in next visit, we will explore that island.

Few pictures from the trip








9 thoughts on “Tenby- Little Town of Fishes

  1. Edinburgh? It is a bit misleading the top picture. They are all beatiful tough. I am using your blog to plan my scape to Skye next week

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for the bringing first picture to my notice, I think I have picked up a wrong picture from my photo collections on my laptop 🙂


  2. For many years I lived in S Wales. I visited Tenby one time, and thought it very pretty. I highly recommend a visit to Caldey Island. The peace you feel when you step onto the island is strongly moving. Lovely to see these photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and browsing through my blog.

      I love Wales. It is so beautiful and there is something about it that just makes me happy. I will definitely plan for Caldey Isalnd next time, weather was a shame this time.

      Hope you will be back again 🙂



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