Exford Village

During our weekend visit to Exmoor National Park, we made our camping base at Exford village in the Exmoor. Again a tiny village which boasts a Post office, YHA, Few shops and few pubs that looks wonderful with a greenery viewe all around you. It lies on the river Exe.

We did not walked extensively during this short break, all we wanted was to sit down, relax, good food and small walks. We camped at Westermill farm, a great place to unwind yourself, a basic camping site with a shower block, washing block and tiny shop. There are some good walks just starting from campsite. We did the blue mountain walking route that starts from field 2 at the campsite, take you across woodland walks, river side walk, moorland walk.

Our instinct told us that sometimes it is not necessary to strict to the map (ofcourse by gauging the safety of surroundings) we made our own adventurous walk out of it, jumping from one gate to another, mistakenly walking on the bog peat, crossing the river, Wow it was a fun walk 🙂

Sharing few pictures of the campsite and few photos taken while we were walking.




Exford Village Exmoor Somerset
Exford Village Exmoor Somerset






5 thoughts on “Exford Village

  1. You look like you had fun ! And the weather was quite good ! This lovely picture made me think about a couple I’ve seen during our mini trip to Scotland in July 2014. It was raining so much outside, they were backpacking, and were sat next to us in a pub/restaurants. Is it possible that it was you ? Haha, my memory is probably just jumbled up 😀

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    1. Gin, I wont be surprised if it was us. We did a backpacking trip last summer at the sametime. We were in highlands, isle of skye, Edinburgh for a 8-9 days trip. And yes it was raining too for two days, I wont wonder if it was us whom you saw that day 🙂 If not this time, I hope to stumble upon you sometime soon 🙂



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