Porlock Village Walk

We had a bank holiday weekend in the UK, and after months long process of shifting, packing & unpacking (which is still in progress), me & ash decided to give ourselves a break and go for a weekend camping trip. We planned for a short two days trip to Exmoor National Park.

One of best thing about living in the UK are its picturesque villages, and this trip I visited two more new villages in the Somerset- Exford & Porlock.

Porlock is a tiny coastal village with breathtaking views over the Bristol Channel and to the south, by the rolling hills of the Exmoor National Park. The visitor centre with exhibits and displays information about the local area. Also on display are the bones of an Aurochs, discovered on Porlock beach in 1999. Some history that I discovered after my return from holiday is that this area has links with several Romantic poets. There is a mention of this village in the Doomsday book as well, and the village was called Portloc during those days.

If you are adventure seeker or just want to get away from the busy city life & job, go out to Exmoor. You can have long walks with each kind of ability, get a mountain bike or kayak, you will have all of it.

Here are few photos from the trip.









9 thoughts on “Porlock Village Walk

  1. They are lovely villages. The narrow streets with houses and shops rising directly up from the road is so uncommon here (practically non-existant), and that makes it the most interesting thing for me when I see that style in other places. I would dearly love to wander those streets for a day.


    1. And these types of houses, roads are so common here. But you still can not think of falling out of love with it. Please do come, we can go for a walk together and you will truly love it.


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