Symonds Yat Rock Trail, Wye Valley


Wye Valley, AONB (Are of Outstanding Natural Beauty) is an internationally important protected landscape straddling the border between England and Wales. It is one of the most spectacular and beautiful  landscape areas in southern Britain. People flock here from all over country and abroad to see the Autumn color of this valley.

Unfortunately we missed last year’s autumn color and we visited the valley in a much quieter season of the winters, when most of the trees had shed their leaves to regenerate themselves for the next year, water droplets were turning to white fleet of snow, and there was a different charisma in the area and the beauty around you. Sometimes silence makes the place much more beautiful and blissful.

There is a popular Symonds Yat Rock Trail that takes you at the top of the rock to see the dramatic beauty of this valley. Symonds Yat is a small village in the forest of dean with one side facing river Wye. This walk starts from Symonds East, and the only mean to get from west to east side of the river is via a hand pull cable ferry. The Trail then follows the west side of the river downstream to Brislip Bridge, a suspension footbridge. You cross the river before walking upstream back to Symonds Yat East. At the end of the Trail there is an option to take a steep footpath up to Yat Rock. The Trail takes around 2.5 hours and is approximately 3.5 miles. Coming back via the same route, at the end you need a well deserved pint of beer, some good burgers and fries at Saracens Head Inn( )






Heading Down the Wye Valley

That's how Wye Valley looks with Autumn Colors.
That’s how Wye Valley looks with Autumn Colors(Internet Photo)


11 thoughts on “Symonds Yat Rock Trail, Wye Valley

  1. Niice…it must be fun walking that bridge. I remember a small wooden bridge in a local zoo from my childhood. You know – when you’re that tiny, you can peep out through the worn out slats and imagine some other world out there. It was fascinating!


    1. Hi Gin. How are you? That is so nice of you to catchup with me. Loved the gesture. And you are right, my weekends and weekdays evening are going away in packing/shifting. We ll be moving next Monday. Past few weeks, coming fews weeks are so hectic. I am just amazed to find out how much belongings I have got:) 🙂 but i will be taking a break before start unpacking and rearranging stuff at new home, will be off to Scotland for a week 🙂 cant wait for it.
      How have you been?



      1. I’m good ! I have also been busy recently (packing as well) since I’ve moved out of my old flat end of March and went back to live with my grand mother until beginning of June, before moving to the UK for real. I can tell you : it’s hard living with someone when you’ve been used to live alone, especially with a 80 years old lady 😉

        I understand the rush and you have all my sympathy. It will be better in a few weeks. And yes, we don’t know how much crap we have until we have to pack 😀

        Oh Scotland, how awesome ! A break is always welcomed! I’m going there end of june as well, for a little road trip around 🙂

        Good luck xx

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