Forest of Dean

Taken from Internet
Taken from Internet

We spent a weekend away in small cottage in the Forest of Dean. A fun filled weekend with a lot of walks in the forestry area, steam train rides and scenic drives.  And to add the cherry on the top, everything nights was spent away near a fireplace with wine, good food and great friends.

The Forest of Dean is in the western part of the county of Gloucestershire, England. It is a roughly triangular plateau bounded by the River Wye, Herefordshire, the River Severn and the City of Gloucester. This area is rich in its history dating back to Roman time. The area was occupied by the Romans around 50 AD. They were attracted by its natural resources which included irone ore, ochre and charcoal. For Tudor Kings, it was a royal hunting ground. With mid 20th century mines have now disappeared into the forest and the area is characterised by picturesque scenery accentuated  by remnants of the industrial age and small towns.

Forest is reach in ecology and is composed of evergreen trees. Predominant is oak, beech and sweet chestnut has grown here for many centuries. The forest is home to foxgloves and other wild flowers. Deer are predominantly found through out the forest. This is also a home for wild boar (luckily we did not come across any of them during our visit).

During our visit we opted for a very famous sculpture trail in the forest of Dean. It is a beautiful walk in the dense woodland showcasing a unique collection of contemporary sculpture within the whole trail. Something unusal and very different that you do not often see on your trails in the woodland. Unfortunately we reached late in evening, and winter days being short we could just do a little and promised to come back again 🙂

We might have not picked the best time of the year to visit this beautiful place, but there is a lot to do in this exotic place. A lot for adventure seekers right from mountain biking, kayking, zip wires, boating or just easy family walks.

Few pictures take on the trip, some of the photos are taken from internet (we could not click many) due to less day light.






13 thoughts on “Forest of Dean

  1. I am sorry that you missed the Boar, they are not dangerous but coming face to face for the first time makes your heart thump. It is quite thrilling. I am so glad that you saw the forest, it is beautiful at any time of year and thanks to Crystal for introducing us 🙂

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    1. Hi Colin

      Thank you so much for visiting me. Apologies for late reply, moving house, packing, shifting is what is keeping me busy now a days.
      I guess you are right just the thought of facing a Boar can be intimidating. But I am not sure how will I react :). I loved the forest and I wanna visit it again in Summers for a much longer walk.

      And really thanks to Crystal for introducing us, she is a great reader and I love her comments.

      May be next time I am around Dean, I shall leave a message for you on the blog.



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