Koh Samui,Thailand- Guest Post

This is a post from my friend- Kimberly, who does not blog, but she chose my blog to share her travel tale of Bangkok-Thailand visit.

My Visit To Koh Samui, Thailand

My first impression of Thailand was a stop-over at Bangkok Airport and Thai food… The first was a bit frightening and the second one was overwhelming… I must say the saying ‘a straight path to men’s heart is through his stomach’ in this case proved to be right, Thai food is still my favourite food. Then I decided to have a proper holiday in Thailand, and it was a holiday of my dreams, I booked a villa and flew to Koh Samui for a week. It was a like living in a Paradiseor as close to it as it can be.

I flew to Bangkok International Airport for like 13 hours, and arrived at a busy Terminal fool of shops and bright colors, especially yellow, red and green. Lots of Buddhist souvenirs and really gentle, smiling people and that could be a main epithet I would use for Thailand and Thai people: smiling and friendly. Today when we are a lot more familiar with their spiritual tradition we know why, Buddhism is proving to be a ‘way of life’ for a modern inhabitant of this planet. Further hour or so I spent on a plane flying to Koh Samui and felt like going to the oasis that will help me recharge my ‘batteries’. You may find this funny but it really did so.

The taxi ride to my hotel didn’t last long, 20 minutes or so, but when I got out and went to the reception I felt ‘at home’. It was made all out of wood with lots of plants and incense sticks burning giving the place such relaxing atmosphere. The receptionist was a beautiful Thai girl with the flower in her hair and the most welcoming smile on her face, I bet she is going to live until she is 100 year old! And then the path to my bungalow surrounded by palm trees and shrubbery the greenest of the specter. Finally my room with a beautiful big, again wooden bed and ‘white chocolate’ linen with matching thick towels, I refreshed at that point.

It was still light at 8pm so I decided to go to the pool which was quiet and illuminated at the bottom. Around the pool were scattered cushy and comfortable chairs with small mahogany wood tables and scented candles burning inside the burners. The whole ambience was enriched with the sound of water falling, there was an artificial waterfall built within the pool. I know it might sound like a cliché but “living in a paradise” really described the scene, at that point I made a decision to move to Koh Samui. All I needed to do is find a place like this simply coz I couldn’t live in a hotel permanently.

For the rest of my stay I read about 4 books I brought with me, one of them was Dalai Lama’s interview, I ate only Thai food prepared ‘wok style’ with lots and lots of seafood, I drank lots of mango juice and spent most of my time on the beach. Well must admit I did a bit of shopping went to the local market where the local produce and souvenirs can be purchased, and hand dyed batik fabric garments were really beautiful so I bought quite a few of those as presents for my friends.

The trip back home was somewhat sad but plans for another trip to Koh Samui were in their embryonic stage at that flight back to Europe

Koh Samui - an exotic beach

The colorful Bangkok

The amazing nature of Koh Samui


3 thoughts on “Koh Samui,Thailand- Guest Post

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip and those photos are spectacular! Thanks for providing a space for your friend to tell her story. I will go to Thailand some day, and in the meantime I’m envious of those who have already seen it.


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