An Open Letter to All Ignorants

Today I did not want to write about one of my travel tale, but I choose to write about agony and pain of thousands & thousands of girls back in my country, a shadow of fear that she carry with herself each time she steps out of her house.

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Last few days have been very disturbing for me. I watched a documentary produced by a UK filmmaker Leslee Udwin’s- India’s Daughter. Point to note here is before people start jumping on the conclusion of why should this documentary be banned, I did not get disturbed seeing the contents of the film, but the truth it showed behind the mindset of many men who do this heinous crime. It gave an insight to the part of the society that still thinks women are an object of satisfying the libido and they can be forced into it, they could be brutally raped for it.

We all are aware what happened with Nirbhaya on the day of 16th December 2012. It was an inhuman crime carried out by a group of 6 men including a juvenile, who could not see a girl out in the night with a guy friend, they beat both of them and when she fights back for herself – they raped her on a moving bus. A barbaric Act.

I am an Indian woman and love my country as any other Indian. I have a liberal family, girls/guys friends, I go to clubs, I wear saree as well as skirts, I pray to God. I have a lot of guys friends, who are my greatest buddy and I feel safe with them. The whole society is not same, if we will start counting I have a full belief that good souls will outnumber the evil ones.

But another bitter truth is that there are still men out there who carry out these atrocious acts of eve teasing and disgraceful remarks are faced by many women in her everyday life. I will not lie, I have faced it too. My walk/ or bus ride from school/tuition was a struggle many a times. Me and my friends coming back from our tuitions class, wearing a salwar kurta have been rapidly touched by the guys who were just crossing by on a cycle. They thought it’s their right to just pass by and smacked on our bosoms. I remember very clearly when one day me and my friend were returning home in an over crowded bus(hardly any place to breathe), this conductor approaches us and makes obscene comments and gestures. He says all this in such a low voice and with a smile on his face, that we got scared and got down from the bus. Now when I think about it, I always feel we should have raised our voice but we were young and too scared.

The documentary showed the interview of Nirbhaya’s parents, one of the six rapists, defence lawyers, NGOs authorities, Women Activists and a lot many.

I can not even start to describe the pain of the parents that they have gone through while all this happened to their daughter, they just hope that government and this documentary will educate people on what happens to a girl, her parents and this society when such ferocious crimes take place in their surroundings. They had support of whole India, who were standing by them. This incident brought the youth, the old together. We could see a revolt in the eyes of the people, especially girls, requesting all fellow men- PLEASE RESPECT US. LET US LIVE THE FREE LIFE TOO.

Rapist, the so called educated lawyers were not remorseful, they had no shame in eyes and they considered it was the act of demand and it was done to teach a lesson to all the girls- who go out in night after 8PM, who wear short clothes, who watches movie, who hangs out with guys friends, basically to all the girls who wants to live their life. I was shocked to hear defence lawyer comments- Agar meri beti raat mein bahar jaayegi, family ka naam badnaam karegi, mein usse puri family ke saamne zinda jalaonga (If my daughter brings me shame by going out in night with a guy, I will burn her alive to death) These were the words of an educated lawyer, so can we really blame the uneducated ones only?

This is a letter to all the ignorant people, who are requesting a ban to the documentary because it is an insult to Nirbhaya. But I am sorry to say, that documentary isn’t an insult but it’s the people like you who are an insult to India.

@Arnab Goswami: One of nation’s favourite journalist calls the documentary voyeuristic and not journalism. Really Arnab? Have you really forgotten all your lessons at the school of journalism? It was the time to come out and raise your clamorous voice in the support of the documentary and the issues in the society. You have really taken aback a thousands of your supporter who will think twice now before supporting you.

@Meenakshi Lekhi: You are a woman, please give a thought on this. This will not in anyway effect tourism. But it will spread a sense of responsibility and people will be much aware of the surroundings. You should worry about the safety of the women in this country, bring some rules & regulations to stop these crimes.

@Many other Ignorant Politicians and Civilians: who are supporting the ban and writing comments/posts/articles on the issue. I have read many posts from the people making baseless argument, and one of the biggest one is- BBC made Nirbhaya’s name public , even when her parents did not want to. Come on you people, this is the ignorance I am talking about, we just go about rampant and raging our anger without knowing the details. Her dad said on the documentary- I have no shame in disclosing my daughter’s name, she was our pride till the end. So you all out there, be responsible and support the truth.

@Our Government (not a letter only to the Prime Minister) – Do not let this rage and integrity of the millions of girls/boys/men/women who stood up for this cause, a let down. Please do something about it, do not just let this issue become just a matter of debate in the Lok Sabha. Introduce safety measures, educate police, educate people, and let the world know India has united once again not against the British news channel, but against the mindset that is bringing a shame to country. The number of responsible, good people is still more than the ferocious one, so I am sure we can bring the change.

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to All Ignorants

  1. Very well written and expressed your views Aanchal..I truly agree with whatever you have’s high time people realize the actual intention of the documentary rather than making efforts to ban them from being released and make people stay in dark without encouraging them to come out and speak up their hearts. We as educated Indians have to start thinking what’s right to the Society and strive for the betterment of it.

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  2. A brave and beautiful post, my friend. Your pain and power both come through. I am so sorry to hear what you had to endure at the hands of ignorant men. While women seem to endure atrocious behavior around the world (sadly I know this from experience), what happens in India is certainly one of the worst, in that so many people have a “boys will be boys” attitude, rather than truly understanding in their hearts that it is CRIMINAL and HEINOUS behavior that – if it doesn’t result in the death of another human, will certainly result in psychological damage at some level.

    Thank you for telling your story and for making your voice public. Hugs. ❤

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    1. Thank you for taking out time to read this post. Yeah I just spoke my heart out as for how long we girls can bear these atrocities. I hope rules get strict and we have a much safer environments for our girls/women around.

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  3. Very well written Aanchal. Proud of you for putting forward your views of our society. Keep writing till you see u see the real change.


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