Talisker Distillery

Can not agree more :)
Can not agree more 🙂

While on a holiday to Isle of Skye last year, it started to rain very heavily one morning and there was a windy storm. We were camping in the foothills of Cuillins and our tent was at the verge of knocking off and flying away from the ground. We had no choice but to get up, come out of tent and run some place where we have shelter on top of our head. We packed(wrong word, infact we dumped) everything into the car and decided to utilize this rainy day for a visit to Talisker Distillery in Carbost, Isle of Skye.

Ash is a whisky fan and he loves visiting distilleries to see what all process and efforts go in to to make that bottle of whisky.

Talisker is the only and oldest distillery on this island, that started in 1830 by Hugh and Kenneth Macaskill. It is located on the shores of Loch Harport in the village of Carbost, on the beautiful Minginish Peninsula, with enchanted views of the Black Cuillins. The location of the distillery works in its favour as Talisker’s water comes from springs directly above the distillery. More than half of the work force that works at the distillery is from the family owns the business, generation after generation took the ownership & pride in the family business.

The distillery operates five stills- two wash stills and three spirit stills. All the stills use worm tubs rather than a modern condenser, which are believed to give the whisky a “fuller” flavour. Now a days , the whisky is produced using conventional double distilling.

The team at distillery organises tour as well and they are lovely bunch of people who will answer to all your questions. At the end of the tour, you will get to taste some of their finest whiskies too. During the peak summer times, you might have to book a tour in advance if you are looking for a particular time, else there are ample no. of tours that runs around whole day. At the end you can buy some whiskies for your family, friends and ofcourse for yourself 🙂






12 thoughts on “Talisker Distillery

    1. wow Gin. You know what I am going back to Skye again in May 🙂 to finish some unfinished journeys due to that day of winds and rain 🙂

      You will love it, I am getting impatient too. Looking for campsites, walks in the totternish ridge this time 🙂



      1. We plan to do :
        -Rubha nam Brathairean Hike : 3,5 km – http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/skye/brotherspoint.shtml
        -Mealt Falls
        -Staffin slipway and An Corran beach circuit : 4 km – http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/skye/staffin.shtml
        -The fairy Glen
        -Kilmuir churchyard
        -Dunvegan Castle
        -Neist Point

        I hope the weather won’t be that bad, because we are doing a road trip and not staying a lot of days on this island. I look forward to read your posts !


      2. Wow that sounds wonderful!! I had done a lot from the list on my last trip.

        A drive to Glenbrittle will be worth too. Views of the majestic Cullins hills are a treat for eyes from there. On the way you can stop over for a dip in the fairy pools(if water is not that cold).

        Boat trip to Loch Courisk is great too. It starts from ELgol.

        Watch this video- Your excitement to visit Isle will increase ten folds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ_IQS3VKjA

        Any help please feel free to reach out.



    1. Hi yes, plan is to do that 🙂 I am excited, lets hope the plan works out well. Need to visit few places, we could not last summer due to most famous Isle of Skye weather.


    1. awww I am glad I could revive your memories. wow bike ride trip sounds awesome that too 3 weeks. I agree with you it’s hard to leave. You will find it silly, but when I crossed the Isle Bridge I said- Bye Bye Isle of Skye 🙂

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