BlackPark Country Park


It was a cold Saturday morning, looking at the gloomy clouds we decided to go for a  walk at Black Park. Me and ash did not want to become a winter potato couch, so we push each other out of bed to utilize whatever day light we have got and ofcourse before Monday begins again J

Black park is a country park in the Wexham, Buckinghamshire. I have stayed closer to this area for almost 3 years now, and I visited it recently. Not a surprise, we all do that, manytimes we miss visiting a place thinking we are closer and can go anytime. But nevertheless I am glad Ash took me out there.

This park is a house for pine trees, an orienteering course, a lake and café. This park is adjacent to Pinewood Film studios, and is a very famous filming location, movies like Harry potter, James Bond Gold Finger, Batman, Sleeping Hollow, Captain America and many more have been shot here. Such ignorant me, I had no idea about this until I visited it.

It is very well maintain park with signpost for various routes, you can come here to cycle, or for a small stroll with kids and dogs. Mountain biking is popular in this area as well due to it’s dense woodlands, many other technical & narrow sections making it an exciting and adventurous cycling trip J

A bit of history I got to know after a google search- During both World War One and Two the Park saw service for the Empire with Troops from the Canadian Forestry Regiment helping to farm the Park and harvest the wood, for use in the Trenches of France or building Air strips in France for the Royal Flying Corps. To this day the lines of trees they planted can still be clearly seen. [ Taken from Google/Wikipedia]

In recent years, GO Ape group have also opened one of their tree-top adventures theme in this park. With long pine trees, it is absolutely fun for both kids and adults to try those activities. I have not done it in this Park, I did Go Ape in the lake district and belive me it’s so much fun. That adrenaline rush you get at the top of tree is amazing.

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