The Royal Landscape|Virginia Waters Walk

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Winter weekends are always lazy, you just want to wrap yourself in a warm throw, have some mulled wine and watch TV. But Ash is always enthusiastic about walks, so he tries to plan a short or long walk almost each weekend to pull me out of the warmth of my bedroom. Once out on a walk, I am always glad that we did it as it teaches us to enjoy the beauty around us in those colder months too as well enhances our endurance to bear cold winds & rains.

Last weekend, we explored the whole of Royal Landscape walk in the Virginia Waters. We have been to this place twice in the past, but always went for a short walk with friends. This time we decided to finish this 7.5 miles circular walk around the lake. And to our wonders, this land scape had a lot of lost history in it.

This area is surrounded by a vast woodlands and have been continuously planted since 18th century. There is a beautiful lake and you will find remainders of the past through out the walk – cascades, caves, fishing temples on the shore. Walk is very easy, and fairly flat for most of the walk, plus very much accessible for wheelchair users as well. There is also a cafe for refreshments and hot coffee for the winters 🙂

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While walking on the south bank, you will see ornamental cascade that was built to bring more natural feeling of having waterfalls and caves in this landscape. Though cave was destroyed by a storm in 18th century, cascade was built up again to keep the essence.

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Continuing on the same route you will again find the remains of the past- Ruins of Leptis Magna (Roman Temple) built from columns and lintels brought from the ancient city of Leptis Magna in the early 19th Century. After the fall of the Roman Empire , it was occupied by the Byzantines but today is an abandoned site, still largely buried in the sand. The ruins have been preserved by the Royal Society now.


Once you come to other side(north) of the shore after walking through Savill Gardens you will notice another addition to this landscape 100-foot high Totem Pole, a gift to HM The Queen from the government of British Columbia. It is sculpted out of a single piece of wood, Amazing!!!

Picture taken from Web
Picture taken from Web

We loved the walk, had a sandwich( prepared by me) and flapjack (baked by Ash) for break while sitting at the shore of the lake. It was a day well spent with a beautiful walk in the nature.



5 thoughts on “The Royal Landscape|Virginia Waters Walk

  1. It seems you had good weather !

    I have a question. Since you’ve travelled extensively throughout the UK, do you have any recommendation for Manchester and around ? 🙂 I’m going to spend a short weekend in a month, and I was searching about stuff to do over there


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