Beddgelert Village


Here is another one from my Wales series, an another quaint and poised village, famous for it’s stories or myths, it’s mystical beauty – Beddgelert, the english meaning- Grave of the Gelert.

There are a number of stories associated with it’s name, some people believe that those stories are fictional and have been created just to lure tourist to this place, on the other hand some people believe it’s true. For me I guess it’s the stories and the google images of the villages that caught my attention and lured me to this another beautiful landscape of snowdon mountain ranges.

I will not forget to mention those stories for my readers here, so one of it goes like this- once upton a time Prince Llewelyn ap lorwerth sets out for a hunting trip, leaving son in charge of his dog Gelert. On his return he sees do with blodded paws, child no where to be seen. In rage he killed his dog, but later hear a baby voice crying inside the jungle. He finds out the baby alive with a dead wolve next to it. So dog had actually saved his kid and performed his duties as expected. Another story states that the village got its name from a great saint.

If you are planning to visit this little beautiful village, other than a village stroll do make sure you keep time in your itinerary for a round walk of the village through Afon Glaslyn (river Glaslyn), onto the mountains and valleys, crossing industrial area and brings you back to the village. It is a moderate walk with mostly even or flat walking area. Its 8miles walk and I feel a must do 🙂







12 thoughts on “Beddgelert Village

    1. Ha ha ha Crystal. You got it right I was infact holding the rock because it was windy and water was icy cold. I was scared if I fell in that water, I will be frozen 😀

      Totally agree with you, it was indeed romantic. villages have that rustic and romantic feeling to them 🙂 Love them all. xx


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