Llanberis- Gateway to Snowdon


As promised, this post is another village from Wales trip last month. A small tiny village named Llanberis, that lies in the foothills of Snowdon, highest mountain in the Wales. A beautiful, mystical village that have lots to offer when it comes to providing Adrenaline rush to all adventure junkies.

Along with it’s natural beauty, it is also a popular centre for outdoor activities like Mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, walking, scuba diving, pony trekking etc. It draws thousands and thousands of visitors each year to trek one of it’s famous peak- Snowdon. I planned to do it in this trip, but I was unlucky in terms of weather, it was raining and it was misty. I was not ready to take that risk and climb upto a mountain, never a favourable condition.

So in this trip, I walked around the village, did a lake walk. That was beautiful, believe me. Pictures will do the justice.

While in Llanberis, you can visit Llanberis Lake Railway ( it will take you around the lake with some mystical views of the valleys and the mountains), Snowdon Mountain Railway ( Never mind if you cant climb up the Snowdon, there is a train running in summer which takes you upto the Summit), National Slate Museum ( An insight into what is life underground, worth a visit), Dolbadarn Castle. Walk around the village and sit in a cafe, sip over the coffee and enjoy your visit.

If you love local wines/ales/alcoholic fruit punch- a must visit to Snowdon Honey Farm and Winery. I ended up buying three bottles for ourselves. The Gentleman at the counter is helpful and recommend you the best tastes.For details, check this out –Β http://www.snowdonhoneyfarmandwinery.co.uk/Β  Do visit this Pete’s Eat Cafe for quick snacks, nescafe coffee was superb-Β http://www.petes-eats.co.uk/




A must visit Cafe- Popular among trekkers


17 thoughts on “Llanberis- Gateway to Snowdon

  1. Wow… what a beautiful place!!!

    These images are really inviting and the fourth image is really a class act, the winding street, the parked cars, colorful buildings and the stunning backdrop of the hills and the clouds… jaw dropping πŸ™‚

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  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the photos of the curving road and colorful houses. I hope to make it to Wales one day as some of my family comes from the area. How do you think Wales differs from the rest of the UK?

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    1. Thank you so much Emiko. You shall visit Wales, it is a beautiful part of the world. I have been to Wales 3 times already, and in two weeks time I am planning another trip to Wales in Pembrokshire.

      How it differs from rest of the UK? I will say it does not differ much, we talk about big cities like cardiff in the Wales, they are metro cities a lot of hustle bustle around all the year around like any other city in the UK. And I am a city girl so I like those places. but for a holiday it is the country side of UK that I am in love with. What pulls me to Wales is exotic and quaint little villages and country side. The place is beautiful, looks like straight from the fairy land. You can camp or stay in a cottage for a refreshing weekend. I am sure you will love it. I understand your family belongs to Wales, but nevertheless if you need any help/suggestions -Do let me know.

      Much Love ❀


  3. I agree with Sreejith, your first commenter. That fourth photo is just so striking with the mountains rising up behind the town like that. I’ve been to Llanberis several times, and I’ve never seen it quite from that angle. Really nice shot.


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