Autumn Colours at Stourhead


This weekend I visited one more beautiful country side of England- Stourhead, Wiltshire. Stourhead is a world-famous landscape garden, has at its centrepiece a magnificent lake reflecting classical temples, mystical grottoes, and rare and exotic trees. A perfect picturesque place, a heaven for photographers.

The lake at Stourhead is artificially created. Following a path around the lake is meant to evoke a beautiful small journey. In addition to Greek mythology, the layout is evocative of the “genius of the place”. Buildings and monuments are erected in remembrance of family and local history. Henry Hoare was a collector of art- one of his pieces was Nicolas Possin’s Aeneas at Delos, which is thought to have inspired the pictorial design of the gardens.Passages telling of Aeneas’s journey are quoted in the temples surrounding the lake.

According to Henry Hoare, ‘The greens should be ranged together in large masses as the shades are in painting: to contrast the dark masses with the light ones, and to relieve each dark mass itself with little sprinklings of lighter greens here and there.

This place is perfect to see Summers green or Autumns different shades spreading all around the garden.






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