Kudremukh(Horse Face) Peak

During my under graduation at Manipal, we often escaped to Kudremukh ranges for a drive or for a small trek. It is one of many beautiful places around Karnataka, some call it Kashmir of Karnataka.

Kudremukha is a mountain range and name of a peak located in Chikmangaluru District of Karnataka. The Kudremukh National Park is the second largest Wildlife Protected Area belonging to a tropical wet evergreen type of forest in the Western Ghats of India. It is also basically known for its mining town, but it has been halted now to preserve the ecology of the place.

It is very famous for trekking but you can really stay in the forest as long as you desire. Trekking to the Kudremukh peak is permitted from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm after which you will be not allowed as per forest rules. As this used to be a naxalite prone area, every step has been taken to protect people visiting this area.

I love this place, it is lushful with greenery all around you, dense forests, there is always a kind of mist in the air around you. It gives you the sense of being lost in the woodlands.The rolling hills and grasslands gives it a mesmerizing country side feeling.

There are many guest houses and camp sites which organizes safari tour in the national park, trek routes and guides.

261578168_7409b86a8e_o 5380702044_6b69948ca9 Clouds-and-Mist-greet-the-weary-traveler-on-the-road-to-Kudremukh DSC_0138 green-velvet Kudremukh_hillside panchgani-hills

16 thoughts on “Kudremukh(Horse Face) Peak

  1. Incredibly beautiful mountains. I did not imagine scenery like this anywhere in India, and I’m delighted that you’ve opened my mind. The third photo from the last is stunning, with those glossy green hills and fog rolling through.

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    1. Thank you so much Crystal. India in indeed beautiful, luckily I explored these places because of my quest to see world around me. You have so much such places in India and you will absolutely fall in love with those.



      1. Oho, Mighty Mighty MIT? 😀 My cousins studied there and a few of them did their M.Tech there.. but mostly for us it was dushman company.. for a strange reason… Nitte beggars 😀
        Once, we had come to your fest and there was this Secy called Hector.. we won a few prizes, three or four of us, who had nothing better to do.,.. and then.. we waited for the prize money, which that year was fabulous.. he said it would be sent to our college.. 🙂 Never came.. The next year we went there, we won fewer prizes, got less than promised in cash.. and we went back thinking this was never going to work ….
        Which batch are you? If you don’t mind me asking..

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      2. Sorry Tejaswi for late reply. Ha ha ha I know the famous college battles will always be there 🙂 We were always proud of being MITian 🙂 I am 2002-2006 batch 🙂 How are you?

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      3. Ah, I see… and got a GSB along too… 🙂 Tell him I can speak his language too.. 🙂 No college battles, trust me.. I had friends all over the place, not just different colleges, but different universities, different states too.. Many many years before you I assure you 🙂

        Yep, I am alright..


      4. Yes I did get a GSB along too 🙂 Long story and long companionship now. College battles was meant in humorous way 🙂 We do have friends from NITTE, in manipal uni, blore, and even after so many years we still joke & fight about which one of them was the greatest. That’s the fun isn’t it 🙂 So are you a GSB too 🙂 I think I can take some konkani tutions from you. Or may be you even know my bitter half 😛

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      5. No, not GSB, but it was pretty good to retain that mystique forever while in college when people went mad trying to figure out where I was really from or what I was.. I was probably born with the skill of a chameleon 🙂 er.. skin?
        But yes, go right ahead, sign up for the Konkani tuitions, or for variants of it, like the catholic version etc hahaha..
        I am not sure I know your better half 🙂 Been a recluse for so long and just got out of the rather thick nut that had grown around me 🙂 But who knows, might know common acquaintances and friends 🙂


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