Cycling- New Forest

I love cycling, given a chance I would like to explore each place biking around. But unfortunately since I am a mountain lover too and no experience in mountain biking so can not really cycle every time I go out.

But this is one of my favourite biking experience as New Forest comes with an amazing rustic feeling in the woodlands, along with that it gives a chance to work up those unused muscles 🙂   There are 100miles of approved cycle routes throughout the forest. No worries about bikes, there are a lot of shops from where you can hire your bikes, maps are available for each route. Isn’t it great.

You prefer walk over cycle, No worries!! New Forest has loads to offer in terms of walking too.

People who got pulled into this cycling plan( willingly or unwillingly) were –

Ash- Given a chance he would have run and hidden himself in a cave that day, because he is one among those who can walk but cycle NAH!!

Nammi – Always ready for any such thing.

Marcus- Got pulled in by us and now there was no way out.

Well, it was a perfect summer day and we cycled for 10 miles, took us good 4 hours ( with breaks for snacks, pictures or just to enjoy the scenery around).

I will not write a lot about it, because it is a place to meet nature – enjoy the smell of soil, sit near a pond, walk in the wood. A lot of time to ponder over your thoughts. Posting some of the pictures of this trip:

Click Time (Ash - Man behind camera as always)
Click Time (Ash – Man behind camera as always)


Nams & Me
Nams & Me

While you are visiting I will recommend a visit to Lime Wood Hotel which is inside the New Forest. Nice ambience and excellent food. Try one of their Afternoon Tea Menu. For details you can visit –

For details on the different routes, this map might be helpful OR$FILE/new-forest-cycle-code.pdf

Hope you will enjoy your ride.

Enjoy Your Ride
Enjoy Your Ride

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