A short Autumn Walk- Myrtle Park

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I love Autumn, it makes landscape so captivating and poised with the beautiful colours around you, leaves shedding away from the trees. Everything around gets rustic, and I love those colours. Last Autumn we visited Myrtle Park on a short Autumn walk. It was cold, we were all packed up with jackets,caps & gloves and ready to venture out this small park in the Bingley, Bradford.

Myrtle Park has something to offer to everyone. There is skate park, to the aviary with entertaining parakeets, music festivals, this  beautiful park is well worth taking the time to explore. You can sit back, relax and picnic around river too.

Weather did not permit us to picnic, but had a lovely long walk around the park and woodlands.

Easily accessible from Leeds or Bradford by Bus or Train.





photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4



9 thoughts on “A short Autumn Walk- Myrtle Park

  1. Absolutely love how you say it looks and feels rustic around autumn. Sometimes the orange and brown leaves on trees makes it look like we are in a different era altogether 🙂

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    • Thank you Hugh. I love Autumn too. These are last year pictures. I know I love Autumn but I do not want it to come too soon 🙂 Selfish isnt it ? 🙂


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