Paris- A City of Love

It was an usual day at office, I was busy creating some design documents when I was called by my manager in a meeting room. I go In thinking what is coming on the way, and to my surprise my manager asks me to visit Paris on 3 days training program.

Paris was a dream come true which I cannot believe I got to travel.It was special for me as this was my first solo Europe trip. I was fascinated by Paris, it’s beauty and who is not amazed by this city. So many stories of love, music, art – it is birth place of many of these culture and arts. Not to forget about French wines, cheese and croissants. It is officially most romantic city of the world. Well I will not say that is the case for me, as I feel any place can be romantic if you have your partner with you 🙂

Unfortunately I just had two half days to see Paris which was definitely not enough to explore this beautiful city. But I tried to use my time and see places as much as it was possible.

First day in Paris take the Paris Bus Tour: The Red Hop-On Hop-Off Bus. They are going to tour the city and you can hop off and hop on in popular places to have a best knowledge about Paris. The stops are: Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, Lourve Museum, Notre Dame, Orsay, Opera, Champs-Elysees, Grand Palace. When you leave the airport and take the Roissy Bus to Paris they are going to leave you at Opera. Being in Opera with your Paris Pass card collect your 1 day Car Rouges ticket from Avenue de l’Opera. Next days you can visit more quietly the same places again.

One more easy way to see Paris is via Paris underground railways, it is very well connected with the city and outskirts of the city and a cheap way of travel. They have printed maps for you to make your easy journey.

On my second day I visited Eiffel Tower, it was like living a dream. Until now I had seen this tower only in movies where couples are kissing each other, artist drawing the different views around Eiffel, people posing for selfies, And now I was right there witnessing all of it with my eyes. It is truly a master piece of architecture. Unfortunate enough I did not have time to go up on the tower as the queue was 2 miles long and I had a flight to travel back to London in evening, so during this trip I could see it only from the ground. But I am definitely visiting it back with Ash:)



On the way back to Airport I also visited very famous Notre Dam, a beautiful and marvel of French Gothic architecture. Each carving on this cathedral is stunning, sculptures and beautiful stained glass, it is among the largest and well known church building in the world.

chr notre




I brought back home with me the memories of this beautiful city of love and a over joyed heart. My heart knew when I was departing France that I must come back here soon.


17 thoughts on “Paris- A City of Love

  1. Paris is definitely beautiful 🙂 :).. Reminded me of the time I visited it with my hubby.. It was our honeymoon.. 🙂 🙂 All the attractions in Paris are amazing.. Worth the visit..


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