WhitBy- A Tales Town

It was an easter break and I proposed the idea of visiting Whitby- a beautiful town in Yorkshire Moors to my friends and like always the idea was accepted unanimously. We were set for our road trip to Whitby.

With a lot of breaks at services and 5 hours drive, finally entered Yorkshire. As you enter the country side of Yorkshire, you will lose few things – phone network, 3G network, whatsapp, Facebook. But to compensate that you will gain priceless admiration of beautiful country around you. The zig-zag turns on the road showing a vast landscape all around – beautiful mountains and an ocean gazing at you from a distance. As you approach closer to your destination, smile broadens on your face and one can hear a sound of happy heart.

Whitby- a town of tales is a coastal pin-up, one side of the roads are beautiful houses & cottages and to other side it’s a vast ocean. Waves could be so high that if you walk along the coastal side you can get soaked. Good for a sunny summer day but definitely not for shivering days.

We stayed at a beautiful beachside cottage at Whitby – http://www.yorkshirecoastalcottages.com/search/property/beachside

WhitBy- Coastal View around Cottage

WhitBy is just not popular for its cobbled streets, windy beaches, harbours but it’s WhitBy tales that fascinate people from all over country. Stories about Ghosts, The Dracula, Haunted Abbey, The Robinhood Bay, Burglary,Pirates, Captain Cook. There is so much to offer in this beautiful coastal town, every street has a story to narrate.

So naturally best way to feel the essence of this place is by walk or choose one of the many cycle routes. Just noting down a snapshot of my visit below.

  • Walk up the 199 steps to the WhitBy Abbey & St. Mary’s Church- It is been believed that Dracula has originated from here. So from so many years we are watching movies on Dracula, I did not know this fact until I visited this place. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Walk the sea walls and then head up the Khyber Pass to see the Whale Bone Arch. At this point, you will get to see a beautiful view of this town.
  • Cycle to Robin Hood’s Bay and walk from the lovely village along the beach. View of Clifftops at ravenscar. If you love walking on those cobbled old alleys, you will fall in love with this place. It was a Pirates village. And you will love the whole cycle route.
  • photo 1
    Whitby Abbey
  • photo 2
    Robinhood Bay
  • photo 3
    Ravenscar Cliffs
  • Do take out time to do a Dracula Walks Tour. Sadly when we visited it was raining, I could not go for this tour. But I will recommend everyone to go for it to listen to all those stories, visit those streets where it is believed Murder took place and Dracula had stayed in.
  • One more attraction of this place is to take a ride in Steam Train. A steam train Journey to Goathland and Pickering will be amazing, you will enjoy the victorian feeling of old train cabins. Once you are at Goathland, there are beautiful walks around in the moors.


Goathland Steam Train
Goathland Steam Train
WHitby From Whale Arch
WHitby From Whale Arch
Beach Walk

A definitely must visit for a holiday or ‘me’ time. I had a lovely time and one of my favourite trips with my gang-Dhinchak. Without the people in this pic + man behind the camera, this trip would not be fun. Dumb Charades, Black Jack- was the highlight.

Madness In a Group
Madness In a Group

Please feel free to reach out to me for any information related to my trip.



12 thoughts on “WhitBy- A Tales Town

    1. Totally agree with you 🙂 It’s while planning my trip I got to know that Dracula and Robin hood , our much loved childhood stories are associated with this place. It made me want to visit this place even more.
      I hope you make a trip to this place sometime soon. There is beautiful coast and lush greenery around.



    1. Thank you so much. It is indeed a beautiful place, I was in love with first sight of it 🙂 I hope you make a trip sometime soon and relive your childhood 🙂



    1. Awww I can imagine. Train tickets are always expensive. But there is always a next time and you will love this town. It is so beautiful and full of stories :):)



  1. HI. Haven’t looked at your blog for a while and find that you were in North Yorkshire, and even Whitby, the same time as me this year! I could tell by the grey skies that it was August – apparently the months either side were hot and sunny!
    Whitby is one of my favorite places when I visit my parents, who live in Pickering. It’s a place I have known since I was a child growing up in Guisborough (further north).
    Glad you enjoyed your trip and found time to do so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jules

      Good to hear from you. I am in love with Whitby. I totally loved it. It was a treat to eyes. So serene, quiet, beautiful landscape. You can not ask for anything more.

      I will be coming back again.


      Liked by 1 person

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