Borough Market, London


If you are visiting London over a weekend or on a weekday afternoon, a visit to Borough market is a must. It is paradise for foodie, you can snack up on various food items over here not only from Britain but food from different countries. A speciality in street food. You will not regret this visit even if you are on a diet 😉

Borough Market is the largest and oldest food market in London, and a very popular place to buy food advertised by various famous chefs and used in various movies as a movie set.

A little bit of History – This market is a house of wholesale and retail since 1276. It was the main supplier along with Covent Garden of fruit and vegetables to grocers shops. From 1860 the railway operating companies desired to extend services from London Bridge Station into new stations but it was impossible to build viaduct because of Borough Market Act. Finally as a compromise a lease was given built a viaduct to run railway and the market still operates as normal under the bridge. The present day market mainly sells variety of foods to its various national and international visitors.

Location –  located on Borough High Street on the southern end of London Bridge

Stalls are erected over here to trade from different parts of the UK and traditional European products sold. Some of the products includes fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat, game and freshly baked bread and pastries. A wide variety of street food visitors who flock to the market such as duck or kangaroo or rabbit burger, strawberry & cream – a very British delicacy, juices, beverages.

Note: Do not forget you will get to taste many food for free here just to check your taste buds, so don’t come here with a full stomach 🙂







16 thoughts on “Borough Market, London

  1. Great pictures! My mouth is watering! When I visited London a few years ago, the friend I was visiting insisted that I go to the Borough Market and I am so glad he did. I had the most amazing lamb sandwich there. The fact that I remember exactly what I ate there three years ago tells you that it was delicious haha

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    1. You said it all 🙂 I am sure you had a nice time and ate a lot more like me. I had the PIMMS too . It was fun, I am glad too my hubby took me there, he is a true foodie.



    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, really appreciate it. I loved those delights too, by end of the day I had eaten pretty much a lot 🙂

      I hope you find your visit worth visiting back.



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