Small Pleasures Week 3


Here is a snapshot of my last week 🙂

1. Took a selfie – I had this smile whole week as I was freshly pressed back into office after a road trip in Scotland 🙂

2. Bright Sunny Afternoon – Had a wonderful weekend with my friends, PIMMS made it complete.

3. Woburn Safari Park – There was a Kid back in me when I saw the Giraffe, Lions, Tiger, Meerkat, Ostrich, Zebra, Elephants, Monkey and many more. We drove around the park.

4. World Cup Final – Without a say, weekend came to an end with a bang !! 🙂

Utilizing my lunch break to write down my small happiness and now it is a long week ahead.

Happy Week people 🙂

9 thoughts on “Small Pleasures Week 3

  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing once again. The world cup was fun huh?
    I stumbled upon this post by chance, next time, if you’d like, tag your post “weekly small pleasures”, or link back to my most recent one so I can always find it 🙂 This way, others can find it too.
    Have a great week full of small pleasures!


    1. Hey Many. Yes world cup was fun 🙂 I was cheering for both the teams 🙂

      I did tag it as weekly small pleasures, or din’t I. I will check it. Mani how can I ping back it you I tried but was unable to do so . Sorry new to word press world.

      Much Love


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