A day in Dover

253309_10151681203913854_630663330_nDover a beautiful coastal town and a major port ferry in south east of England. It faces France across the narrowest part of the English Channel, so a popular place among many travellers who crosses this channel on regular basis.

Dover’s name originated with its river – the River Dour,deriving from the Brythonic Dubras (“the waters”), via its Latinised form of Dubris. The cliffs also gave England its ancient name of Albion (“white”). The Romans called it ’’Portus Dubris’’; the modern name was in use at least by the time Shakespeare wrote King Lear (between 1603 and 1606), in which the town and its cliffs play a prominent role.

You can visit Dover over a weekend. It is famous for its massive white cliffs, sea, english heritage- Dover Castle,  South Foreland Lighthouse, Secret War time tunnels, St Margaret’s Bay. You can visit these places combined in two days, visit some nice pubs and have a relaxing weekend.

Sharing some pictures of our visit to Dover.

Dover Ferry Port
Dover Castle
With My Friends
Beautiful Cliffs
St Margaret Bay



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