Small Pleasures – Week1


My fellow blogger- Mani at A New Life Wandering is hosting a new blog event called Weekly Small Pleasures. Once a week she will post some of the small pleasures that have occurred in her week and invites us to do the same. Her original post can be found here. She has a lovely blog, a lot of good reads.

I just loved her idea of keeping a note of tiny things in our day-to-day lives that had made us happy but we dint seem to make a note of it. Hence I am sharing the same.

How To Participate

  • You can share your happiness by writing your own post or by sharing in my comment section.
  • Use pictures, videos, write ups. Anything will do to express that feeling.
  • For people to find your post you may link to my most recent post for a pingback or share your link in the comments of my most recent post.
  • Tag your post “Weekly Small Pleasures”.
  • You can name your post whatever you like but preferably include the words: “small pleasures”.
  • Come back to the post of the week to see what others are sharing.
  • Remember to follow my blog or Mani’s to get your weekly reminders.

My first entry for the last week.


1. Enjoyed the Sunny Weekend. Believe me you don’t get such weekends more often in Britain’s Summers.

2. Enjoyed planning a trip to Isle of Skye with Ash (my hubby). Yes you will get to read about my Scotland tales very soon.

3. Thought of holiday next week brought a lot of joy 🙂


4. Still continuing my 30 Days Abs Challenge. It was 23rd day yesterday, and I am still doing it.

Let’s share the tiny happiness 🙂

5 thoughts on “Small Pleasures – Week1

    1. Yes. I have few must hikes listed down- Neist Point, Quairing, Old Man of Storr, Sleat point, may be a dip in the Fairy Pools (depending on the depth of water 😉 ), Rasaay. I will start writing about it as soon as I am back.


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