Weekend at Seven Sisters

One of my friend Apporva suggested two years ago for a day picnic at Seven Sisters. But somehow we could never arrange this only visit, sometimes it was rains or one of us is not in mood to walk or we will prefer to visit some place far on a holiday. So to Apporva’s delight finally the D-day arrived when we visited Seven Sisters country park and cliffs.

No doubt we under estimated the beauty of this place for last two years because as soon as we entered the park it was a treat to eyes. A bright sunny day, an enormous landscape of 7 vertical cliffs, an old unused light house and a vast ocean.

View from one of the Cliff
View from one of the Cliff

Southdowns way is very popular among hikers and walkers, seven sisters also is part of the Southdowns trail. There are so many trails available from coastal walk, hill walk, cliff walk. So you can pick a trail of your interest.

This time we opted for an easy and relaxing day, just strolling on the cliff tops, take loads of pictures, eat good food.

A lot of people come down to this place to try their rappelling skills. Brave people I must say as it is not a designated place for rappelling, but people do take risks to enjoy that adrenaline rush.

How to get to Seven Sisters – http://www.sevensisters.org.uk/page4.html

Car Park– Not an issue, there are loads of car parks.

Food– Loved this restaurant, delicious food- http://www.vintageinn.co.uk/thebeachyheadeastbourne/
Seven Sisters Country park – Walking or Cycling whatever you prefer to explore this vast woodlands. For more information visit http://www.sevensisters.org.uk/index.html

It was a lovely day with some awesome people. A relaxing weekend after long time. Here are some pics of the day –

Seven Sisters Cliff
Seven Sisters Cliff
Clifftop Walk
Clifftop Walk


Eastbourne from Seven Sisters Clifftop
Eastbourne from Seven Sisters Clifftop


7 thoughts on “Weekend at Seven Sisters

  1. Thanks so much for the comment and follow. You have a lovely blog and pictures. My blog’s purpose was to remember special places and people , almost with postcards. It started when we went to India for 4 months in 2013. I am so excited that we are returning in December of this year for another semester with new students! So glad you found me. I will enjoy reading and learning from you , too! Have a lovely weekend. . . Anne


    1. Thanks for the follow Anne. Very much Appreciated. I am glad you liked the blog and pictures. My husband has taken most of those pictures.

      I hope you have a lovely time in December and lots more tales to discover 🙂 I am glad too we are connected and share the same interests. Keep Blogging and have a lovely weekend. xxx


  2. First of all hats off to the person behind the camera. All of them r stunning and simply superb… Over that your idea to pen down your experience make them more realistic nd beautiful.
    Read ur whole blog and I think you have jotted down it so perfectly to get us a feel of each nd every place you visited. Well done and all the best for your future posts.


    1. Thank you thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation sweetie. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading about my tales. I shall definitely pass your comments to photographer- Asho :):)
      I promise to write more and make it a good read for all of you here!!! Sweets do sign up as a follower for all future posts. Thank you once again


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