Yet Another Day!!

I am on my way back home. Like any other day my body’s internal alarm rang at 16:15 hour and I started to look at the tiny clock on the bottom right corner of my laptop.  I had been impatiently waiting for day to get over. I could not work, I was reading blog of my friend ( who infact is a very good writer, and inspires me to write more),  in short I was restless.
I left office at 16:30 hours, ran across the woking street (like everyday) to catch a train at 16:42 hours. On my way I entered a mall (I feel that’s a short cut to reach railway station or it’s just inner me who wants to look at the shop around to make plans for shopping), passed by WH Smith and decided to buy a good book tomorrow, passed by ‘Muffin Lovers’ café and the smell enthused me to take the next available train but I controlled my nostril and hurried towards the station. Because of so many thoughts running in my mind, I was already late, but managed to get into the train and now writing this entry for my blog.
It’s beautiful outside, slight warm, little sunny, everything around looks bright and lovely. The sun rays are falling on me, brightening my face and bringing a smile on it. Next to me is a photographer sitting with his Nikon D3X. I was observing him from a long time while he was on his phone HTC reading some article and then taking some random pictures of the people in the train.
I have always been a person who loves to click photos and more then that loves to be there in the photographs. I started talking to that gentleman taking interest in his camera and profession. He was currently covering a work piece that will show photos on travelling. He showed me some of the pictures he took on his trip from Portsmouth to Woking. I was astonished to see the pictures he had taken, nice & simple consisting mainly the pictures of stations, benches, and people sleeping, people coversating, musicians playing the instruments on the pavements, people’s hats & footwear. Well I am not a photographer so I do not know how these pictures contribute to travelling photography but I loved the pictures. I got an invite from him for an exhibition on street photography and an invitation to join Aspiring Photographers Club.
I am coming to the end of my journey and I know this post has not provided with you a good read material. May be I wrote this just to let go off one day of my life.

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