what a crazy.. heartbreaking.. unknown weekend… sound emotional enough for almost everyone? but let those emotions times by 12 and that’s my condition today….Aahhhhhh!!! I am not looking for empathy, just letting go off my feelings into my writing.

Far away from your home, your family & friends, sometimes you just see yourself nowhere. You feel Y Me?
Y not things happening the way I want it? Y when I know that will be the happiest thing for me, why I still have to make choices? Y Y Y Y ?????

I can not think anything more to write. I am LOST.

One thought on “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. “things” are waiting for you to say YES..once u do that, they are gonna wash u up like a river..blow u away like a storm..and kiss ur pains away like love…dont make choices..let the “life” lead to happy..


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