Inconvenience Makes It More Beautiful

Sometimes I think that I have an unrealistic view of the world where I think that anything and everything, including the impossible is somehow attainable and achievable.
I always seem to want so many things and achieved many because of my madness and determination, but some things I could not have and worst than that I don’t want to admit that I could not have that.

You are my unattainable impossible.

You are special, you have done so much for me that I cant explain. I have never been stricken so sweetly and so caring as I have been by you. So many sweet memories and melodies reminds me of you. Infact you occupy my every thought , despite my resistance and the many consequences that come with any possibility of an ‘us’.

I am not bothered with the changes and inconveniences of  everyday life. I have escaped into your world , a world where all of my worries fade away and I just feel happy thinking about you and feeling that you are there.

I hope it remains till eternity.

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