Leeds City

I woke up and looked outside the window, the place was frozen. Everything on the road, the cars, the roof tops, the pathways, the trees covered with the bright white snow. It was like I woke up in dream land. Everything around was looking so beautiful and sun rise trying to sneak through the clouds.
That day I planned to visit Leeds. One of the happening city in England.
Leeds, the city with innumerable Victorian buildings & arcades, museums, shopping centres, & canalside walks. Formally a city associated with manufacturing of textiles, Leeds is now an important financial centre.
Due to heavy snowfall and extremely bad weather condition bunged me to visit all the places in my list.
I got down at Leeds station, located in the centre of the city, a short walk can take you to the City Centre . It looked busy and crowded, place was filled with  shopping centres, street markets, restaurants and clubs.  The early morning aroma of English break fast drove me into a typical English café. The baked beans, scrambled eggs with ting of pepper and butter accompanied with fresh hot aromatic coffee brought a glowing smile to my face. I told myself, “this is the best start to my journey I can ever expect”.



I got into a bus from the city centre and made my way to Tropical World, a much recommended and popular tourist attraction in the city.

Tropical World features one of the largest collections of tropical life and exotic plants in the UK. It’s a man made forest that have various species of plants, birds, butterflies, reptiles, snakes,  rodents, bats etc.   

The place was designed so intelligently which makes you experience the tropical forest. The temperature, the environment and the noise was artificially created and that to the perfection. 

Among many wild life, my favourite was Meerkat – a mammal of the mongoose family. 

Next was The Roundhay Park, said to be one of the largest park in the Europe. The greenery in the park was covered by the snow and the canal passing through the park had frozen into ice. I also took a walk in the snowy park but could not take the cold for long. 

My feet were getting frozen, hands were getting numb and nose & cheeks had already turned pink. Somehow I managed to take a stroll around the park and capture some picturesJ.

 Ended the day having a Margarita pizza with a yummy vanilla fudge shake.

If you ever planned to visit this place, you can get a direct train from London probably a journey of 4 hours.  I recommend you to visit http://www.visitleeds.co.uk/ .

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