A short Trip to Bingley

I am a person who loves traveling, exploring new places and attempt new things. I have never written about the places I had visited earlier in my blog, so I decided to write about it and share the piece with all the readers.
There was time a time when no one could wake me up before 12 or sometimes 1pm on a weekend and look at me now, I get up every weekend by 8.30 am or 9 AM and all set to go and visit a new place. I made plans to make the most of my weekend in exploring a city or a town or a village and I have been successfully doing that from past 3 weekends. I hope to continue it….
21 st Nov 2010, I visited ‘Bingheleia’ – a Manor worth 4 pounds, that’s how Bingley has been described during old times. This is due to how settlement process took place over there, how it got connected from one bridge and then later on developed into a Market Town. Now Bingley has a new name and known as “The Throstle’s Nest of England” for its ancient houses, the churches, locks & the river walks that lay deeply embossed high hills and woodlands.
The first place I visited was Myrtle Park in the heart of the town. It was huge and beautiful park where people had gathered for a Cycle Race. The park was full of people from all the age group cycling around the park & along the hilly slopes. Wonder ( for me), there was a Cycle Race happening in the park for the people who are 40+ of age. I watched the whole race and guess! The winner who won was 73 years old, who rode the cycle not only in plain areas but sloppy areas as well. I could not believe that, me at 25 yrs cannot walk a mile but those people were so healthy and fit. I decided that day I would also join gym & do some exercises to keep myself fit. (Which eventually did not happen till now J).
I went into the woods of the park; it smelt of different scents- A mixture of wet earth and woods. It was relaxing, peaceful & tranquil.
Next place was Five-Rise Locks ( Lakes are referred as Locks). The 5-rise are ‘staircase locks’, with the lower gate of each chamber forming the upper gate of the next, and each chamber just over fourteen feet wide. The five-rise is the steepest lock flight in Britain, having a gradient of about 1:5 and rising almost 60 feet over a distance of 320 feet.  (This information I got from the board in the Lock Park)
The view from the 5 Rise Lock was splendid, the high hills, vast green grounds, lakes, house boats.
It was a nice one day trip to Bingley, sharing the pictures of the place. Hope you enjoy it.


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