“Expectations will lead to Unhappiness” – – Swami Vivekananda

What a beautiful thought by Swami Viveknanda!!!  Its very apposite for today’s world where each one of us is not only having expectation, I would rather say Over Expectations. And if expectations does not ensue what we wanted & desired, we start to feel for it.

Why do we keep expectations? Why life can not be taken straight the way it comes to us? Why we have to put a whole bunch of expectations in everydays’ life.

“A saying from holy book Geetha – – “Do not expect the end result; do your duty””

Its easy to interpret it in words, but to practice in real life is quite difficult. Doing our job with full interest and dedication  & satisfaction is very well possible, but in the end if you put a line do no expect anything, its really difficult to digest that fact.  Belive in that your efforts will pay you back.
All of us expect from our work, the real problem comes in when we start expecting from others. We have to remember before expecting from someone else what I have given to him/her . If you think yes I have given, then your expectation is worth else its meaningless.

Buddha says– “—“Expectation is the root cause for all the Evil things””

Then why not throw away all the expectations in the ‘’Recycle Bin’’ and live a peaceful life.

PS: This post is not an advice, I am also a person who has got heaps of expectations. 🙂 I think that expectation is the motivation that governs  the deed. But attimes we have to control these expectations.


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