Ahhhhhh !!! Two days was like roller coaster for Sally with a long distance and lots of stations.

1st stop- Reading: Cold, Windy and Rainy !!! Sally got the cab, reached first day of her Induction with the company where she is gonna work. The room was full of the people from different parts of the world, she
could see diversity over there. People from India, UK, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Netherlands, Paris were sitting together and having a conversation with each other. Different topics- Natives, Work & Technology, soon the topics started going over her head. What she could hear was LEAN, Agile, Optimization, Mission Quality, Balance Core Card, Gap Analysis…. Awwww…..What was all this !!!! Sally’s mind got diverted to  juicy grapes and strawberries.
(The list of stations in between- Oxford, Banbury, Leamington Spa (name sounds interesting))

2nd Stop- Birmingham New Street– Awwww…Sally felt the cold, she could not feel her feet ..She checked the temp and it was 3 degree at evening 5 PM. Her legs were shivering, she was rubbing her hands for the heat. She saw at a distance coffee machine, put a pound into the machine… And what the heck !!! machine just gulped the coin. Sitting upset in the waiting room, she was amusingly looking the tain status and waiting for it to arrive to escape from chills.
(The stations in between- Burton trent, Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Wakefield Westgate)

3rd Stop- Leeds..At this time Sally’s enegy to appreciate anything had washed away because of the two heavy bags and 1 purse she was carrying. Her twinkling eyes had all got dried, she was sitting like an innocent child and was thinking about her hotel and when she will get to sleep.
 ( The stations in between – barnley W Yorks, New Pudsey)

4th & Final Stop- Bradford: Finally Sally reched her destination, where she is going to have a new start of the career with new hopes and excitement. It was raining heavily , city was desserted at night 12.00  and what she could see was couple of taxis waiting for the passengers, signals light going Red to Green with no cars around, a huge city clock bell ringing at 12 , a theater at the city centre… And finally her hotel- Hilton. Some daytime pictures of the place:

Sally was all geared up for the 2nd day in the city, ready to explore the beauty and attractions of the city.
Will get to know from Sally soon, her experiences and explorations.

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