Dont Want Anything more!!!

Thinking over again n again, she could not get the courage… Suddenly the city she always loved started horrifying her, life started messing up things for her.. Her eyes were red out of crying, her nose and cheeks were all pinky.. She was just gazing at her cell phone thinking when it will ring.. Life just took an unanticipated turn for her.

Going back to the time, the same girl could make a rosy effect on everyone around her, but very few people knew who is making that girl rosy, who is making her dreamy world true, he was that someone who was giving all his life for her.

From the beginning of her life she was searching for a face that would treat her like princess, would wake her up from the sleep taking her in his arms and with an enchanting smile, will kiss her passionately, will love her forgetting everything and make every moment spent with her special. She had found that someone, she realized it little late, but when she understood he is the one who is the face of her dreams. After that She was with him ever & forever..

She was having a beautiful time of her life with him. Life was vibrant and blissful. They both were flying in their dreams. But life does not go straight for a long time; it has its turns and circles. Suddenly life came to a turn where he had to step forward alone and could not take her along. Both were devastated and did not go how life is going to be ahead. He was excited new opportunities were waiting for him, but the melancholy of leaving her empowered him.

She cried and said- What would I do if you would leave me here? I would miss you?
He was in tears too and said- Do not worry, I will be here soon.
She- Please stay a bit longer, I may not see you again.
He- My leaving is for the better, I would miss you sooner or later. I promise I will be back, I will never break your heart.
But some decisions had to be taken, they promised they would meet again and everything around will be same again.

They said good byes, gave parting kiss and promised to meet again.

Now after a year life has come back to her, she could make people rosy once again. She was chirping around and flying like a feather. She never imagined she would see him again, but life was bestowed on them and gave a chance so that they could live that moment all over again.

Dressed like a princess she was waiting for him. She sees him there now, looking down at him, with a cute smile she would like to see. Tears rolled down the cheeks and a huge hug was all a need. They both walked to the way back with sparking eyes as the sun started to set. ‘Both loved each other all the while, the most warm and wondrous night made them think they could not want anything more’…

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