Will have Major Soon…

Watching a movie Lakshya on Saturday afternoon.. One of my favourite movie of all time.. I salute to all the soldiers of all the countries who are fighting for safety and peace spending their life at borders.

Reminds me of my friend Lieutenant Colonel Sajal in the Indian Army. He is posted at Kashmir Location.

Why I mentioned about him??? because he is one of the person who have determination to do something that they have always dreamt of. I still remember class 9 D, Dayawati Modi Academy- I.. We all are sitting the classroom and thinking about what stream should we choose for 11th std so that we can decide on our future career lines. We were a group of 8 people- Sajal, Aman, Ujjwal, Vivek, Shweta, Divya, Aakanksha, Me.. Most of us had dreams of becoming doctor or engineer whatever comes on the way.. but in between all this there was Sajal who said I would become Major in Army.. We laughed about it that ‘you skinny, chutku aarmy mein kaise jaayega’

But we were wrong!!! Sajal is one among us who actually worked towards his aim and aspirations. HE worked hard, practised hard, exercised hard… He had put all his efforts and life into it.

And One day I get a call from him, I am into IMA (Indian Military Acaedmy) and he is a army man now. With all the efforts he could achieve what he wanted.

I wish him all the best for future and I am sure Major Sajal is no far.

5 thoughts on “Will have Major Soon…

  1. Love you and miss you all..Sajal has made us all proud..and no doubt he has always been the medium to keep us all connected. I really really want a reunion 🙂


  2. @vib: thanks will pass on your message
    @shweta: yeah sweetie..even i miss u all…may be next year we should plan reunion..I have not seen ne1 after school 😦
    @alok: So nothing 🙂


  3. hey aanchal thanx yaar par sanch mein bhai logo jo bhi yeh padh raha hai main aisa kuh nahi hu … she's jus exaggeratin .. aanch u frgot 2 tell every1 dat main bachpan se hi ladne bhidne mein kitna aacha tha dats y i wntd 2 b in d army…. shweta se bhi cnfrm kar le .. n seriously guys so mch wanna meeet u ppl . tc . n seriously thanx yaaar …


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