Dreams Do Come True

Europe is my dream country.. London..Paris..Italy..Switzerland..Scotland.. Wooohaaaaa the list goes on n on n on….

I have always dreamt of coming to Europe for a trip and roam around many places.. I was in fact thinking if I do not get the chance in this life, i will tel GOD to give me rebirth in Europe (thats insane isn’t it ???) And Now I am here in the same continent for the 3rd time… :):) Lucky Me…

I still remember how thrilled I was when I saw Westminster Abbey from British Airways flight..I could see London Eye, Thames River, London Tower bridge…. All those places I have been seeing in the movies from past so many years..

Landed at Airport, got clear the security check..And Saw my friends after so so many years. I ran to them, hugged them…I was just so much happy after a long time..

Visited so many places in London..London looked beautiful from London Eye..A walk on the Thames river dock was great seeing people performing over there was interesting..Loads of talent showcasing there on skills on the road side..that was amazing.. London Parliament, Big Ben, London Museum, Oxford street, Regent Street… It was amazing… The Winters were chilling…

Scotland trip was amazing too.. I got the chance to see Scotland heritages and highlands..Visited Edinburgh, Lochness & Hihglands… Scotland was beautiful..

Cambridge the University town…Old heritage buildings.. students.. boating..drizzle…It was great experience..

Now I am here again..Its getting colder each night.. I am waiting to see my First Snow Fall that can knock at the door any moment… I am sure it will be a great experience…

May be I will write soon about snowfall experience also 🙂

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