Memento – My Ooty Visit!!

The time was 21:00 hrs, the holiday mood was still lingering in the atmosphere, and I was left with no other choice but to board the bus. I will definitely miss the cold chill climate. Got into the bus – 13 was my seat and I was not very superstitious though. The bus journey was comfortable. It stopped at Mysore, had a hot cup of coffee, then I slept off. The bus stopped atlas and it was dark outside.

This famous viewpoint called ‘Lamb’s Rock’ was named after the man Captain Lamb who tried in earnest to open a path to this particular point. With such a view, no wonder this man put forth such a valiant effort to reach the point. The rock is a jagged cliff that drops down several hundred feet to the lush jungle below. It is possible to see the Coonoor stream some 5000 feet below. This vantage point also provides you with an excellent view of the Coimbatore plains.

“Wonderful sight” – Is a very less descriptive phrase to this place called ‘Dolphin’s Nose’. Since the mountain cliff looks like a dolphin’s nose, someone very intelligently named this place as so, but it lives up to its expectations. You can experience a breathtaking view from here. Catherine falls, also known as St. Catherine’s Falls can be viewed from here. This vantage point allows you to truly appreciate the awesome power that Mother Nature has contained within a waterfall as you look down the 250 feet to the pool of water and its surrounding landscape below. On the way to Dolphin’s Nose there is one more famous viewpoint called Lamb’s Rock.

‘SIM’s Park’ is one of the greatest tourist attractions at Coonoor, situated very opposite to the famous ‘Pasteur Institute Of India’ (Itsan Autonomous Body under the control of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi. The Institute produces Antirabies Vaccine and the DTP group of vaccines) The park houses fruit show every year during the month of April-May lots of people around the world come here to see this spectacle. Recently park was renovated and has got lots of new attractions like children’s play area, a small boat house, glass house, rose garden and much more… During this part of the year (Jan), they plough, fertilize the soil and sow seeds so that during the season’s onset it will be a spectacular and wonderful sight.

Blowing horns very loud we zipped pass the town traffic and reached the countryside, after which the environment was very serene and quite. We journeyed through the tea plantations – it was enchanting. We stopped at various points and took snaps. Later our taxi crossed the defense area (Madras Regiment’s) -Weapon Training Range, Defense staff quarters, Canteen, Barracks, Defense College, Cantonment, Cordite Factory. Photography was strictly prohibited; hence my camera’s shutter didn’t make any noise until we reached ‘SIM’s Park’.

It was dark outside, my fourth day stay at Ooty. The clock struck 07:00 hrs. The sun was just above the horizon, its warm rays started hitting the frost covered plains and the ice started to melt. The mercury started to fall rapidly. I remember it was 5°C. Last day’s plan is to visit ‘SIM’s Park’ and nearby places. Got ready quickly after light tiffin and jumped into the taxi, which was waiting – blowin horns very loud.

Two-days passed very fast… Met some of my old school friends, roamed around the small town.. Met a lot of familiar smiling faces.. But couldn’t recollect them. Hope I am suffering from “Long Term Memory Loss”. As Year’s passes, People change….

Got up early the next day morning had a quick breakfast. My mom and myself went to the famous mariamman temple, offered prayers & got blessings from the almighty. Hoping 2009 to be a great year!!

The aroma of chocolates were exotic. I felt I was in heaven; I was standing right inside a local chocolate factory. Chocolates Chocolates everywhere but not a piece to taste!! So bought some nice mouth-watering chocolates. Later Surprisingly a chocolate maker came to demonstrated me the art of chocolate making and in the end offered me a small piece of hot chocolate that again tingled my taste buds, which was already coated with flavor of spicy masala tea.

The spicy masala tea was nice hot and soothing after a short visit inside the tea factory (Tea Museum). The entire tea factory ambience was warm. It had a wooden attic for the visitors. The basement grounded the whole factory with lots machineries that turned the leaves into dust. A guide came along hurried him-self in explaining the process of making tea right from drying the moist tea leaves to make the leaves loose 70% of its moisture till the process of turning them into tea dust. After energizing visit to the Tea Factory, there was a chocolate factory nearby, the aroma of chocolates were exotic. These Tea Museum and Chocolate Factory were situated on the way down from ‘Dottebedda’.

‘Dottebedda’, South India’s highest peak! Its 8640 feet above the mean sea level. It was a short journey from my house (which is located next to India’s largest Rose Garden) and within 20 minutes we reached to the mountaintop. The sky was blue and clear; view from the hilltop was majestic. The valleys down looked vast and beautiful. The telescope house situated there was crowded with tourist, I didn’t have much interest to peek in through that device, I was proud that I was holding a 12x optical zoom, sate of the art digital camera. Clicked many pics with my gadget, it came out wonderfully well. Mother Nature at her best – captured candidly; I felt I captured all the tranquil moments.

The bus stopped atlast and it was dark outside, the chill wind blew off my cap and went passed the epidermis and gave a shock wave to my spine. It was freezing cold, I was breathing heavily and the warm air from my lungs came out puffing through my mouth as if I am smoking a thick Cuban cigar. Hurried into an auto to reach home to seek warmthness because I was already feeling numb as my hands and legs lost its sense as though it was suffering from an acute dosage of anesthesia. Reached home to see my dad and mom awaiting with a cheerful face welcoming me with New Year wishes…. First days plan was to visit the highest peak! Dottebedda.

The time was 21:00 hrs, the holiday mood was lingering in the atmosphere, and I was left with no other choice but to board the bus. I will definitely miss the celebrations happening in the town. Got into the bus – 13 was my seat and I was not very superstitious though. The bus moved on and I was thinking about my resolutions and action points for the coming year and as the thought process continued I dozed off to a dream land were I could hear the chimes of church bells and tune of a solo guitarist striking the cords. It reminded about my New Year resolution – “Learn to Play Guitar” but on the spur of the moment I realized that it was my mobile ringing loud in the silent bus and not the solo guitarist. I picked my mobile in a hurry, the voice from the other side yelled “ HAPPY NEW YEAR
The bus journey was comfortable. It stopped at Mysore had a hot cup of coffee, then I slept off. The bus stopped atlas and it was dark outside.

4 thoughts on “Memento – My Ooty Visit!!

  1. Ooty is a lovely place ya..I really want to go there now…And definetly going to ask you the guidance..may be once we all should plan to visit Ooty


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