6 can be 9…. great trip of mine……

No matter how how many trips I will make , but this one will be an Unique one. This was not a trip to any tourist destination, it was a trip to one of the crowded and happening place in Bangaluru “The Road Tax office”. It was Another Saturday when I woke up early prepared all the papers and went for the destination . I sat on the bus with the hope that at least today my work will be done .I started thinking that its almost 9 months in the city and I am traveling in the same way for the same cause this way … OH my god how many times I traveled to this office for the same cause …as I started thinking I was amazed to find out the punch line-s of of every encounter was still fresh in my mind….sounds started reverberating ….

First Time:
Me:- Want to pay my road TAX SIR ?

SIR NO 1:- Your bike is less than 15 months old , first pay entry tax then road tax.
Its the thirteen month better you do not ride for 2 months ,then get the tax done after 15 moths are over.You will save the petrol as well the tax… am I right??

Me: what an Idea sirji!!

(That Idea really changed my Life … I was walking 8 Km a day)

Second Time :(decided to pay entry tax and then the road tax)

Me: Entry Tax sir?

SIR no 2: Entry tax ???? whats that ?? Oh u have moved your bike ….. hmmmm …..
where is the Police clearance….address proof ..and and

Me: OK SIR … I DON’T have any of those …

(Thank god I stopped him before he can ask for my bike’s birth certificate)

Third time: (hurray!!!! got some reference this time “MAHESH BABU”)

Me : I wnat to meet MAHESH BABU sir ?

Sir no 3: I am not running the inquiry section boss , go to the COUNTER 7, by the way
why do you need a “Peon” for that you can talk to me .

Me : peon…my god !!!

Fourth Time :
Me : Is the Office closed ?

BROKER (Helper of Mankind): Yes SIR….Holiday ….Tell me sir…… I can help you

ME: thanks for asking … I actually came to see how an RTO looks when its closed !!!!!

By this time I gathered lot of experience , and I knew every body in the office now….except MAHESH BABU of course. Fifth time I got lot of success , I got the tax calculated ,verified ,cross checked and now I am in front of the Cash counter.Ultimately I was about get the receipts…….


SIR no 4: Where is the Demand Draft … Anything more that 3000 we take DD you know…

Me: wow I love that rule !!!!!!!

And ulimately this was the sixth time.. I am going with the DD this time . I reached the office and went to the cash counter with my fingers crossed…not that I was tensed ..I was getting ready to put my crossed finger in his eyes .. if something goes wrong this time

6 th time
ME : I got the DD SIR?

same stupid SIR: hmmmm…is it checked …. let me see the docs … hmmm okay … DD?
hmmmmmmm….. not tallying…. amounts are not Tallying… its 6909.. and we need 6069

ME: You are holding the DD “Ulta” SIR ………

ha ha ha…At last I got the receipts and I was happy as the last punch line was from my side … I had the last laugh…poor guy really embarrassed……I was satisfied with myself as I did not pay any bribe !!!!

2 thoughts on “6 can be 9…. great trip of mine……

  1. hey shuvo…mast ekdum bhadiya..i have heard from many people that if i want to have an experience how the govt people works i should go to RTO office..reading this i have the confirmation and i would never want to go there 🙂


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